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Undergraduate | GRF-CMM17 | 2023

Introduction to Screen Analysis

Recognise the power of cinematography, editing and mise en scene in crafting film language. Dig into a host of cinematic genres. Place yourself in the role of film theorist and unpack the intentions of some of cinema’s great directors.

Study method
100% online
100% online
Entry requirements
No ATAR needed,
No prior study
13 weeks

HECS-HELP and FEE-HELP available

Introduction to Screen Analysis

About this subject

  • At the completion of this subject students will: 

    1. be able to recognise a range of choices relating to mise en scene, cinematography, editing and sound that together make up the style of particular films
    2. have acquired the appropriate vocabulary to describe the formal and stylistic features of particular films
    3. be able to analyse film and television texts in terms of the meanings and effects produced by particular technical choices
    4. be able to analyse texts in terms of the specific meanings and effects produced by their overall organisation and techniques of narration
    5. be able to recognise and identify the various techniques used in screen performance
    6. be aware of some of the issues that have been raised by film theorists and critics around the various forms of textual organisation and characterization in films
    7. have acquired, in addition to these discipline-specific skills, better generic skills, including an understanding of how to apply ideas, the ability to analyse, to think critically, and to write clearly. As well as teaching the subject-specific skills above, our aim is to encourage you to develop sound written communication skills, critical judgment, informed independence of thought, and the ability to conduct research.

Entry requirements

No entry requirements

Study load

0.125 EFTSL

This is in the range of 10 to 12 hours of study each week.

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