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At the completion of this subject students will be able to:

  1. evaluate evidenced based approaches to plan and evaluate public health programs
  2. critically analyse public health planning and evaluation models/framework
  3. identify and address ethical issues for planning, implementing and evaluating public health programs
  4. design ethically complex public health programs using contemporary theory.
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This subject was previously known as MPH580 Principles, Practice and Evidence in Health Promotion.

Using evidence informed decision making students will critically apply theoretical understandings to plan, implement and evaluate public health programs to determine efficacy and effectiveness. Current frameworks and theory will be used to plan for priorities for public health action, to better understand the complexities of health behaviour, and to inform research design based on ethical values. Integrating evaluation into the planning and implementation of all public health action will be demonstrated. Quantitative and qualitative evaluation methods to measure the impact of population and community based public health programs will be employed. The role of knowledge translation in the development and dissemination of public health practice and policy will be explored. Students will plan for capacity building and sustainability and will develop an understanding of working within complex systems.

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  • Program Proposal (50%)
  • Evaluation Plan (50%)

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