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At the completion of this subject students will be able to:

  1. apply foundational concepts of public health to critique Australian social and public health policy
  2. formulate and construct logical arguments about political phenomena to improve public health
  3. apply public health principles to advocacy strategies and techniques.
    • A Social Ecology of Health
    • A Political Economy of Health
    • Parliament and the Rule of Law
    • Commercial Determinants of Health
    • Markets, Labour and Externalities
    • Neoliberalism and Social Protection
    • Political Ideologies in Practice
    • Taxation and Regulation
    • Wicked Problems and Policies
    • Healthy Public Policies
    • Healthy Cities and Planet
    • Advocacy for Action

In order to enrol in this subject, you must be accepted into one of the following degrees:

  • CUR-MPH-GCE-2019
  • CUR-MHP-MAS-2019
  • CUR-MHP-GDI-2019
  • CUR-MPH-GDI-2019
  • CUR-MPH-MAS-2019
  • CUR-HIM-GDI-2019
  • CUR-HIM-GCE-2019
  • CUR-HIM-MAS-2019
  • CUR-MHP-GCE-2019
  • OUA-PSU-GCE-2019
  • CUR-MPH-GDI-2019
  • UNE-PRO-GCE-2019

Special requirements

No special requirements

This subject was previously known as Health Promotion Partnerships, Politics and Power.

The new public health demands that individuals not be treated in isolation from the larger social context in which they live, work and play. This subject seeks to extend your understanding of the ways in which we can promote health through the development of healthy public policy and supportive environments. To do this effectively we need to understand the power structures and decision making contexts which shape the health of our society and those that we may need to influence to improve health status. In this subject you will explore systems, policies and political ideologies which impact on health and opportunities to work collaboratively across sectors to reduce health inequities. You will also critically assess corporate influences on health and examine the role of civil society and advocacy in public health. This subject involves both a theoretical and practical understanding of the social determinants of health and contemporary political issues.

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  • Critical reflection paper (45%)
  • Parliamentary submission (25%)
  • Journal article (30%)

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