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Undergraduate CUR-VLC-DEG-2023

Bachelor of Arts Visual Culture

Undergraduate CUR-FAV-DEG-2023

Bachelor of Arts Fine Art Visual Culture

Undergraduate CUR-ART-CTF-2023

Undergraduate Certificate in Art History

Undergraduate CUR-FIA-CTF-2023

Undergraduate Certificate in Fine Art

Undergraduate CUR-AGD-DEG-2023

Bachelor of Arts Animation and Game Design

Undergraduate CUR-COM-DEG-2023

Bachelor of Communications

Undergraduate CUR-FIA-DEG-2023

Bachelor of Arts Fine Art

Undergraduate CUR-NET-DEG-2023

Bachelor of Arts Digital and Social Media

Undergraduate CUR-CHN-DEG-2023

Bachelor of Arts Chinese

Undergraduate CUR-JPN-DEG-2023

Bachelor of Arts Japanese

Undergraduate GRF-ART-DEG-2023

Bachelor of Arts

Undergraduate CUR-KOR-DEG-2023

Bachelor of Arts Korean Studies