Subject details

On satisfying the requirements of this subject, students will have the knowledge and skills at an Introductory level of Mongolian to:

  1. Pronounce all Mongolian consonants, vowels, and the changes that occur when letters are stacked.
  2. Recognise the Mongolian Cyrillic script and reproduce its syllabary to write words with accuracy.
  3. Use correctly all 400 vocabulary items introduced in the course textbook.
  4. Identify and produce practised sentence structures in colloquial Mongolian, which will allow them to conduct basic conversations, write short notes, and read short texts on everyday concrete topics.
  5. Conduct a simple conversation based on models covered in the course textbook on such topics as: greetings; introducing personal details of themselves or family members; and talking about daily activities.
  6. Describe the national festivals, customs, costumes, and cultures of food and drink practised in Mongolia.

To achieve these learning outcomes, students are expected to study for five hours each week, as follows:  

  1. 60 minutes, before class, studying the written and audio materials for the week  
  2. 30 minutes, memorising the written and spoken forms of that week’s vocabulary  
  3. 90 minutes, participate in one 90-minute online session  
  4. 90 minutes listen to relevant sections of the on-campus classes  
  5. 30 minutes, completing weekly exercises  

It is also expected that students should spend at least 5 hours of individual study practising the week’s written and spoken language forms and vocabulary and reviewing feedback on their work. 

    • Course introduction, objectives and Greetings
    • Introducing yourself
    • Consonants: classifications and spelling
    • Further introductions: family, friends and personal pronouns
    • Asking questions: work, study, hobbies
    • Making negative sentences
    • Commands and requests
    • ‘Where do you come from?’ Personal pronouns in the ablative case
    • Discussing the past: simple past and its usage
    • Numbers: prices, phone numbers, ages
    • Communicating need: the commutative case
    • Routine and habits, likes and dislikes: present simple and its usage
  • Study resources

    • Instructional methods

      • Virtual Classroom
      • E-Portfolios
      • Online Quizzes/Tests
      • Online assignment submission
    • Online materials

      • Audio-Video streaming
      • Online Assessment

No eligibility requirements

Special requirements

  • EquipmentDetails - To successfully engage in this subject students will need the following: • Laptop or computer • Computer camera (either inbuilt or webcam) • Headset with microphone • Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome browser • Reliable internet access • Access to a scanner or smartphone

This subject will introduce students to the Mongolian language. Students will start learning Modern Mongolian and use of the Cyrillic script, as well as basic Mongolian pronunciation and grammar. Through learning the language students will also be introduced to Mongolian cultures and traditions. By the end of the subject students will be able to use main cases and verb tenses in conversation and writing. 

  • Weekly quizzes (30%)
  • Oral tests - weekly in-class assessment and final oral test (15 minutes) (15%)
  • Mid semester test (25%)
  • Non-invigilated final exam (30%)

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