Degree structure

Degree details

On completion of the degree students will be able to:

  1. prepare students to successfully undertake undergraduate programs by understanding and applying discipline knowledge, concepts and principles appropriately
  2. demonstrate skills of listening, speaking, reading, writing and note-taking/making through specific content and controversial themes, which are selected to encourage critical thinking and analysis
  3. locate, extract and critically appraise relevant evidence to selected disciplines
  4. develop oral presentations and writing skills appropriate to university entry level
  5. use electronic resources to effectively collect, collate information and to communicate effectively online
  6. self motivated, critical and reflective
  7. investigate and critically analyse the meaning of the term 'globalisation' to consider issues from a variety of perspectives within their discipline
  8. develop critical appreciation of the major perspectives from which human behaviour, attitudes, thoughts, interactions, literature, language, society, culture and communications are presented and interpreted
  9. apply independent learning and self management strategies to future undergraduate study.

Completion qualifies students for entry into Curtin undergraduate degrees that have minimum entry requirements and no pre-requisites.

No eligibility requirements

Applications for Credit for Recognised Learning (CRL) are assessed on a case by case basis according to Curtin University policies which is available at

Students must be admitted to the degree of study before lodging their completed CRL application, along with all necessary documentation for a formal assessment.

To officially apply for CRL, students need to submit the CRL application form available from to along with supporting documents. Accepted documentation includes scans of the original Transcripts and/or Award Certificate; front and back; in colour; and original size. For detailed scanned documents requirements and guidelines, please visit

For further information, please contact

UniReady will enable students to matriculate into Curtin (and other universities). The program incorporates a high degree of flexibility and responsiveness that caters to students with a wide range of educational backgrounds, ages and experiences. This program is flexible enough to allow students to complete one, some or all of the subjects in the degree depending on credit for recognised learning.

Recommended Study Pattern

In order to use the UniReady subjects as a pathway to an undergraduate degree, four subjects need to be successfully completed. Students need to enrol in the two core subjects and select two subjects from the four optional subjects.

Award Requirements

Successful completion of 4 subjects.