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Graduate Certificate of Cybersecurity Management

Postgraduate | SWI-CSM-GCE | 2024

Contribute to better cyber defence

Join the cybersecurity frontlines with a knowledge of the law and tech skills. Learn to think like a hacker and use that mindset defensively. Prepare to implement and manage cybersecurity across an organisation. Propel your career into the future.

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Graduate Certificate of Cybersecurity Management

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Entry requirements

Career opportunities

Keep pace with cybersecurity trends and opportunities

After recent high-profile cybersecurity breaches there has been a renewed emphasis on creating better cyber defence strategies within our organisations.

Swinburne Online prioritises putting you ahead of the pack with a range of practical and hands-on learning, so you can take advantage of these new opportunities sooner.

The Graduate Certificate of Cybersecurity Management is specifically tailored to arm you with and adaptable and solutions-focused skill set that will propel your career into the future.

  • Information Security Specialist

An Information Security Specialist protects an organisation’s electronic databases by analysing existing procedures and implementing changes for stronger security.

  • Cybersecurity Manager

As a Cybersecurity Manager, you will oversee all cybersecurity operations across a network within an organisation. You will also oversee a team of IT professionals and coordinate plans to better protect your digital assets.

  • ICT Manager

The role of an Information Communication Technology (ICT) Manager is highly technical. You will focus on developing and maintaining computer and telecommunications technology within an organisation.

  • Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

Your role as a Chief Information Security Officer will focus on overseeing an organisation’s cyber security programs and ensuring you are complying with national policies, standards, regulations and legislation. You will primarily work with different executives within your organisation.

  • Information Security Policy Officer

As an Information Security Policy Officer, you will plan and implement policies to better protect an organisation’s network and data. You will need an in-depth understanding of potential risks and cybersecurity laws and ethics.

  • Information Security Analyst

An Information Security Analyst is vital to keeping an organisation’s digital assets protected and secured. You will be responsible for identifying security flaws and taking measures to solve them. You will also most likely be on the front line if a security attack happens.

Career outlook

Commissioned Defence Force Officers:
Over $120K
$93K to $120K
Intelligence and Policy Analysts:
$93K to $120K
Intelligence Officers:
$93K to $120K
$93K to $120K
Policy and Planning Managers:
Over $120K

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