Warning! There are four open enrolment subjects in this degree. However, students who wish to be awarded with the ‘Graduate Certificate in Geography’ MUST apply. Please refer to the Degree Structure Details section below for more information.

Degree structure

Degree details

On completion of the degree students will be able to:

  1. apply interdisciplinary concepts and methods to understanding the environmental, social and economic aspects of development; extend the boundaries of knowledge about climate change and understanding in the context of a politics of scale
  2. think critically, creatively and reflectively to generate innovative solutions to climate change, social and environmental imperatives
  3. access, evaluate and synthesise information from various disciplines and integrate it for understanding climate change and adaptation
  4. communicate effectively through a variety of written, oral and other formats to diverse audiences in ways appropriate to the teaching of geography to children
  5. use of current technologies when applied to finding information and making decisions about geography and sustainable development
  6. utilise lifelong learning skills and strategies for understanding climate change and its impact on human activities and the ecology
  7. describe the global context of climate change and the need for a change to sustainable development; explore best international practices for finding solutions; apply these concepts within a regional/local environment
  8. recognise the importance of cultural diversity, including indigenous perspectives, in understanding and responding to environmental and social imperatives
  9. work both independently and in teams to find effective policies and ethical solutions to geographical issues; show leadership as a professional practitioner or collaborator.

There are a number of career choices for Geographers including Social Impact Consultant, Disaster Relief Coordinator, Humanitarian, Planner, Social Researcher, Geospacial Analyst, Agricultural Resource Manager.

Higher education

Applicants for a Graduate Certificate are required to meet University academic and English language entry standards; details are provided at http://courses.curtin.edu.au/course_overview/admission-requirements/. Applicants generally require a Bachelor Degree or equivalent credit gained for recognised learning.

*** Please Note: If any academic or legal document is not in English, you must provide a colour scan of the non-English documents, including a colour scan of the official English translations of these documents. This is for comparison purposes. ***

Credit for Recognised Learning (CRL) is assessed on individual merit and is awarded for different types of learning, for example, studies you have previously completed or for relevant work experience.

Students must be admitted in an award degree of study before lodging their completed CRL application, along with all required supporting documentation for a formal assessment.

To apply for CRL, please visit the Curtin University website: https://study.curtin.edu.au/credit/

It is important to note accepted documentation includes scans of the original Transcripts and/or Award Certificate; front and back; in colour; and original size. For further information see the scanned documents and certification requirements and guidelines.

More information about the policies and procedures related to CRL assessment and appealing a CRL assessment outcome can be found in the Credit for Recognised Learning manual (PDF).

If you have any questions, please contact opencurtin@curtin.edu.au

This degree is designed to provide prospective students upskilling in the discipline of geography and to increase their employability in fields such as community development, social planning, environmental management and associated consultancy based work. It requires no prior knowledge of geography.

Award Requirements

This Graduate Certificate, studied through OUA and taught in English, normally takes one year of part-time studies to complete the 4 subjects.

Choose your subjects


There are four Open Subjects in this degree. Students can study any or all of the four discipline-specific subjects as open subjects. However, should student wishes to complete the ‘Graduate Certificate in Geography’, the student MUST submit an Application Form and ensure that entry requirements are met. Please note that students who complete the four open GPH subjects cannot be awarded the ‘Graduate Certificate in Geography’ unless entry requirements have been satisfied.