Warning! This course has undergone a Major Change.

Degree structure

Degree details

Upon completion of this degree, students will be able to:

  1. demonstrate specialised and applied knowledge of an elearning environment;
  2. investigate, critically evaluate and apply theories of learning and teaching in an elearning environment;
  3. critically analyse learner needs and design, manage and evaluate elearning environments and demonstrate a range of strategies that use elearning tools to address specific learner needs;
  4. understand ethical, legal and social issues of elearning, and identify and apply strategies that address these issues; and
  5. interpret and apply research findings to practice.

School-based teachers; Professional educators;

Staff trainers, consultants and professional developers; Materials developers; Career advisers; VET sector educators and educators in the professions.

No eligibility requirements

At the discretion of the School, on the recommendation of the Degree Coordinator and except for (c), a candidate may be granted a maximum of 12 credit points of advanced standing for:

(a) subjects that have been counted towards another postgraduate qualification at this or another University;

(b) subjects that have not counted towards another postgraduate qualification that have been completed at another University; and

(c) there shall be no maximum advanced standing on the basis of subjects that have not counted towards another postgraduate qualification that have been completed at this University.

Please Note: Graduate Certificate in eLearning will be withdrawn by the end of Session 3, 2018. Students working towards this degree should complete all required subjects by Session 3, 2018. Relevant OUA subject offerings will still be available until 2018 to allow all current students to complete the award requirements by the end of Session 3, 2018.

The degree has been designed to meet the needs of all involved in the area of web-based teaching and learning. This includes: teachers, education officers, training and development personnel across all professions. The degree content and experiences are developed within the context of each individual's specific needs and circumstances.

This degree is delivered fully online and involves a range of individual and collaborative learning activities. Assessment includes opportunities to tailor requirements to individual needs.

Award Requirements

To qualify for the award a candidate must pass subjects to the value of 24 credit points, with not less than 18 credit points at 400 level and not more than 6 credit points at 500 level.

Pre 2015 Graduate Certificate in eLearning

To qualify for the award of pre 2015 Graduate Certificate in eLearning students must complete the following four subjects:

  • EDIT513 Creating Accessible eLearning Environments
  • EDIT517 eLearning Communities
  • EDIT518 Issues in Learning with ICT
  • EDIT521 Principles and Practices of eLearning