Degree structure

Degree details

On successful completion of the degree, you should be able to demonstrate following skills, knowledge and attributes at an undergraduate level:

  1. study skills such as time management and organisation and interpersonal communication
  2. academic skills including academic reading, writing and numeracy, oral communication, critical thinking, information seeking and management, and use of learning technologies (e.g. computers and libraries)
  3. conceptual understandings of: (a) the nature, process and possibilities of university study, (b) the purposes and processes of change (personal and societal), and (c) the roles of individuals and groups as agents of change
  4. attributes that promote success at university such as persistence, self-management and commitment.

No eligibility requirements

FlexiTrack is a university preparation course that qualifies you to apply directly for any undergraduate degree at Murdoch University that has an indicative ATAR of 70 or less. FlexiTrack is a series of four modules designed to develop skills that are relevant to any degree program. Each module is made up of a series of engaging topics, interactive activities and assignments which introduce students to university culture and build on academic skills such as reading and note-making, referencing, essay writing, numeracy and report writing.

FlexiTrack is suitable for people from the following equity groups: people who can demonstrate educational disruption due to family, financial or social issues; Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people; people with disabilities or medical conditions; people living in rural or remote regions. The course also caters for people who have arrived in Australia under a Humanitarian or Refugee program.

In addition, the degree offers an opportunity for Year 12 non-TEE students who have experienced disruption to their final year studies due to disability, medical condition or other significant family or social issues. Students in this category will require the support of their school teaching staff in order to apply.

English competence as per Murdoch University policy is the only requirement for this degree.

To meet English competence applicants must have:

  • Completed year 11 or year 12 and have achieved 'B' or higher in general English or a 'D' or higher in ATAR English OR
  • Completed any Certificate IV, any Certificate III or Certificate II in General Education for Adults OR
  • Achieved 130 or more for the written component or 125 or more for the multiple choice component of the Special Tertiary Admissions Test (STAT) .

Recommended Study Pattern

Students need to complete MUR-EQU081 and MUR-EQU082 before enrolling in MUR-EQU083 and MUR-EQU084.

Award Requirements

Successful completion of 4 subjects.