Degree structure

Degree details

On the successful completion of this degree you will be equipped to:

  1. Apply a broad theoretical and technical knowledge of business practice in diverse contexts
  2. Apply theoretical and technical knowledge to provide in-depth specialist and professional advice related to financial markets, investments, superannuation, retirement planning, insurance and social planning
  3. Critically analyse and synthesise information to formulate effective business and financial decisions
  4. Apply reasoned judgements to solve problems in a variety of business contexts with reference to ethical, regulatory and global perspectives
  5. Reflect on performance feedback to identify and action strategies for improvement
  6. Communicate business data and concepts to professionals and non-professionals in diverse contexts
  7. Apply an adaptive and collaborative approach to working with others in a variety of business and professional contexts
  8. Apply, and integrate professional theory with practice in authentic Work Integrated Learning (WIL) contexts.

Graduates can expect to work in the private sector advising clients in personal financial planning matters, with employment pathways in stockbroking, funds management, superannuation, accounting, banking and insurance.

Professional recognition

The Bachelor of Business (Financial Planning) is accredited by the Financial Planning Association (FPA).

Students and graduates of the program are eligible to apply for membership of FPA. Completion of the programs core and specialised degrees will permit compliance with the requirements of RG146, in both the ‘generic’ and ‘specialised’ areas and skills requirements.

Career objectives

As a graduate of this degree you will be able to provide value-adding financial advice that will enable your clients to make professionally informed decisions. You will be able to integrate theoretical and technical skills in a range of economic and finance applications and contexts. You will also be able to  address the specific situations and needs of clients that have different  levels of financial understanding and are from diverse cultural backgrounds.

Higher education via OUA

Successful completion of the Business Pathway;


Successful completion of 2 Core subjects from the Bachelor of Business (Financial Planning)

Higher education

Successful completion of one full time semester (four subjects) towards an undergraduate degree or higher level of study at an Australian university

Secondary education

Successful completion of Australian Year 12, or equivalent, with an ATAR of 65. VCE prerequisites: Units 3 and 4: a minimum study score of 25 in English (or equivalent) or 30 in English (EAL)

VET studies

Successful completion of an Australian Associate Degree, Advanced Diploma, Diploma, Higher Education Diploma or equivalent.

Students may be able to receive credit for previous studies completed at other institutions. To have your credit formally assessed you must first register for the RMIT degree. You are eligible to register as soon as you have completed a minimum of two core RMIT OUA subjects. An administrative fee of $165 is applicable to register for an award (If you have taken up a Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP) through RMIT, you are not required to register for this degree).

Credit and exemptions will be assessed consistent with the principles of the RMIT University Credit Policy. Applicants who have completed studies or have partially completed a similar program at another institution (with entry criteria similar to this program) may be accepted with some credits or exemptions being granted towards this program.

Credit pathways between RMIT University VET programs, Higher Education Diplomas & Associate Degrees in the same or related discipline, enable you upon successful completion of a lower level qualification, at the required standard for admission, to apply for advanced standing in a higher level qualification.

Credit pathways between RMIT University programs enable you upon graduating from an RMIT University qualification to apply for advanced standing in a higher level qualification.

The current credit pathways for College of Business programs can be found at These are subject to change.

Documentation will be required to support your application, such as:

  • A certified copy of an Academic Transcript with final grades for Higher Education studies
  • A certified copy of a Statement of Attainment for any completed TAFE studies
  • Course outlines showing content, learning outcomes and assessment requirements
  • An explanation of the grading structure used

Before lodging a credit transfer application students are encouraged to contact Business Central via RMIT Connect

This degree provides you the knowledge and adaptable analytical skills required in the finance service sector. The degree adopts a broad-based multidisciplinary approach to business finance and the opportunity for focused, professional training in the financial planning area. You will develop the professional financial planning skills to provide effective financial advice. While the main aim of the degree is to develop core skills to achieve a financial planner license, it will also expose you to the dynamic regulatory and legal environment in Australia. As a graduate of this degree you will be prepared to deliver key financial and accounting services relating to personal financial planning, taxation, estate planning, insurance planning and investment and social security planning. 

Teaching and learning approaches for this degree may include: online learning activities, problem-based learning, assignments, projects, and communications with industry professionals. The types of assessment used in the degree may involve formal examinations, assignments, case studies, projects, and online tests.

The degree includes a capstone subject FNP34 Financial Advisory Practice, this capstone experience enables you to critically reflect on and consolidate your theoretical and practical learning in this degree.

As a financial planning professional you will be able to occupy roles in stockbroking, funds management, insurance, superannuation, and in other private sector or government organisations which have a requirement for high level, technical expertise in the financial planning area.

Recommended Study Pattern

This degree is an OUA Pathways degree, which means there is a recommended series of subjects that, once successfully completed, can be credited towards this degree. To commence the Pathway for this degree, simply select subjects from the Pathway stream below.

Students who aren't taking part in OUA Pathways can instead follow the study pattern below:

  • Complete AFE134 (previously IBA134)
  • Complete FNP11
  • Complete the remaining core Level 1 subjects
  • Complete the core Level 2 and 3 subjects
  • Select and complete electives

Award Requirements

To qualify for the Bachelor of Business (Financial Planning) from RMIT University students must complete 24 subjects, consisting of:

  • Nineteen core subjects.
  • Five elective subjects.
  • Students must complete at least eight RMIT OUA subjects to be awarded a degree
  • Students can take a maximum of 10 years to complete this degree.

Choose your subjects


Students may select electives from any units offered through Open Universities Australia. However, students should note the requirement that eight RMIT OUA units will need to be completed in order to obtain an RMIT degree. In order to satisfy this requirement, students may need to select one or more electives from the wide range of units offered through OUA by RMIT University.

To find out your eligibility for a Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP), please click on the "Add & Continue" button on the top of the page. 

If you have taken up a Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP) through RMIT, you are not required to register for this degree. Therefore the below information does not apply to CSP students with RMIT. 

However if you are a student studying with RMIT and accessing FEE-HELP or paying upfront and you are intending to complete the Bachelor of Business (Financial Planning), you must register for the RMIT degree. You are eligible to register as soon as you have successfully completed a minimum of two core RMIT OUA subjects within this degree. A fee of $180 is applicable to register for an award.

If you wish to Graduate at the Melbourne graduation ceremony in December, you must complete your final subject no later than Study Period 2 in the year you intend to graduate.

A payment will be required to attend the graduation ceremony in Melbourne; for information about payments or application dates please click here. Alternatively students can apply to graduate in absentia at any time.

To register for the degree or to apply to graduate please click here.