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Everything we do in life is connected to psychology. Defined as the study of the human mind and behaviour, psychology plays a number of important roles in modern society. Having an understanding of human behaviour will give students an edge in a variety of careers, including human resources, law, education and social work.

Through this degree, students will get exposure to a wide range of fundamental psychological concepts, as well as to more specialised areas such as child psychology, neuropsychology, social and personality psychology, cognition and perception, and psychopathology.

This degree provides an excellent foundation for those who wish to pursue a career in psychology-related areas.

This degree prepares students for employment in professional areas such as health and social welfare, social policy, market research, and various functions associated with human resources and services. It is also the basis for further studies where students are able to gain specialised vocational training in the professional practice of psychology such as clinical, organisational or forensic psychology, counselling, clinical neuropsychology, health and community psychology and research.

Macquarie University may recognise prior formal, informal and non-formal learning for the purpose of granting credit towards, or admission into, a program. The recognition of these forms of learning is enabled by the University’s Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Policy (see and its associated Procedures and Guidelines. The RPL pages contain information on how to apply, links to registers, and the approval processes for recognising prior learning for entry or credit. 

Domestic Students
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International Students
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Award Requirements

 To be awarded the degree, students must complete the following minimum requirements.

  • Minimum number of units for the degree = 23 
  • Minimum number of units at 100 Level or above: 10 (of which 2 are required)
  • Minimum number of units at 200 Level or above: 7 (of which 6 are required)
  • Minimum number of units at 300 Level or above: 6 (of which 4 are required, one being the designated PACE* Unit (PSYX399)

*People and Community Engagement