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  • Planning for Regions

    CUR-URP510 | Postgraduate

    Trace the links between regional planning theory and practice.Get an overview of international regional planning case studies from the UK and Europe. Argue the impact class, environment and multiculturalism can have on regional planning processes.

  • Development Assessment

    CUR-URP515 | Postgraduate

    Break down the development control process and see where it fits within the broader planning context.Why assess and control development—look locally, nationally and internationally for examples of development assessment practices.

  • Governance for Planning

    CUR-URP505 | Postgraduate

    Take a closer look at how local, state and federal governments are structured and organised in Australia.Explore the principles and concepts that form the basis for current legislation. Find out how such legislation can impact development processes.

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  • Urban Design for Sustainability

    CUR-SCP541 | Postgraduate

    Zoom in to the neighbourhood level as you study the principles and tools of sustainable urban design.Learn how transportation and walkability affect the function of a city. Draw on established practices to measure sustainable design qualities.

  • Introduction to Planning

    CUR-URP540 | Postgraduate

    Map the origin and evolution of urban and regional planning.Draft arguments about the planning system's strengths and weaknesses. Evaluate real-world documents. Direct your theoretical research towards areas like transport, retail and rural planning.

  • Pick apart the advanced architectural systems that make up a complex project. Draw on a number of analytical and testing methods. Address the importance of a project's structure and façade. Juggle your research with a hands-on fieldwork component.

  • Build up an understanding of the theory and history that informs architectural practices in urban environments.Reflect on how cultural considerations underpin an architect's decision-making process. Explore the interplay between city and climate.

  • Future Cities

    CUR-SCP543 | Postgraduate

    Define what it is that makes a city sustainable or unsustainable.Look into transport, environmental, urban design and economic concerns. Address cities’ dependence on cars, trucks and motorcycles. Discuss the cities that are making an effort go green.

  • Local Planning

    CUR-URP550 | Postgraduate

    Unearth the established framework and strategies used in local planning.Search through databases and find out how they aid the planning process. Measure what impact state, regional and local legislation has. Discover how to write planning reports.

  • Planning Dissertation Preparation

    CUR-URP570 | Postgraduate

    Line up a range of planning research methods and see where they are best applied.Oversee the production of a literature review. Adopt a research strategy to match your study area. Produce a research proposal in preparation for a future dissertation.