Postgraduate Business units - Management

Unit name Code Provider Availability
Accounting for Sustainable Management
ACCT2230 RMIT Sess2
Strategic Management Control Systems
ACCT2280 RMIT Sess2
Sustainable Business Practice in a Dynamic Global Environment
BUS60002 Swinburne SP1 SP3
Adaptive Strategy and Business Sustainability
BUS70002 Swinburne SP3
Leading and Managing People in Chaos and Complexity
BUS70012 Swinburne SP2 SP4
Contemporary Issues in International Management
BUSM4101 RMIT Sess1 Sess2
International Strategy
BUSM4358 RMIT Sess1 Sess2
Managing Across Cultures
BUSM4359 RMIT Sess2
Sustainable International Business Futures
BUSM4389 RMIT Sess1 Sess2
Business Research Design
BUSM4449 RMIT Sess1 Sess2
Design Thinking for Business (Executive)
BUSM4521 RMIT Sess1 Sess2
Executive Consulting
BUSM4524 RMIT Sess1 Sess2 Sess3
Managing Business Operations
BUSM4527 RMIT Sess1 Sess3
Managing Technology & Innovation Strategy
BUSM4530 RMIT Sess2 Sess3
Business Operations Management
BUSM4533 RMIT Sess1 Sess3
Design Thinking for Business
BUSM4536 RMIT Sess1 Sess2
Management of Technology and Innovation
BUSM4539 RMIT Sess2
Communications Management
COM60002 Swinburne SP2
Project Management in Entrepreneurial Ventures
ENT60007 Swinburne SP3
Strategic Finance for Managers
FIN70005 Swinburne SP4
Knowledge-Based Management in Asia
IBA700 Griffith Sess1
Doing Business in Asia Pacific Economies
IBA701 Griffith Sess2
Asian Business Systems
IBA702 Griffith Sess2
Corporate Governance in the Asia Pacific
IBA703 Griffith Sess1
Research Methods
Management of Change
Project Management
Operations and Supply Chain Management
MGT60004 Swinburne SP4
Managing in a Complex World
MGT60031 Swinburne SP1 SP3
Risk Management and Compliance
MGT60034 Swinburne SP1
Public/Private Interface for Sustainable Infrastructure
MGT70002 Swinburne SP1
Business Analysis and Risk
MGT70003 Swinburne SP1
Organisational Design: Agility and Sustainability
MGT70005 Swinburne SP2
Asset Management Systems
MPM451 UniSA Sess1
Facilities and Asset Information
MPM452 UniSA Sess1
Facilities and Asset Performance
MPM453 UniSA Sess2
Asset Management Service Delivery
MPM454 UniSA Sess2
Principles of OHSE Management
OHSE Management Systems
Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation
OMBA360 RMIT Sess3
Asian Management Issues (Study tour Vietnam)
OMBA500 RMIT Sess2
European Management (Study tour France)
OMBA501 RMIT Sess3
Accounting for Business Decisions
OMBA610 RMIT Sess1 Sess2
OMBA620 RMIT Sess1 Sess2
Leading People and Organisations
OMBA630 RMIT Sess1 Sess2
Financial Management
OMBA650 RMIT Sess1 Sess2
Creating Business Strategy
OMBA660 RMIT Sess2 Sess3
Leadership And Management
OMBA790 RMIT Sess1 Sess2
People And Organisations
OMBA810 RMIT Sess2
Marketing For Managers
OMBA820 RMIT Sess1 Sess2
Corporate Governance And Regulation
OMBA830 RMIT Sess1 Sess3
Managerial Finance
OMBA840 RMIT Sess3
Business Consulting
OMBA850 RMIT Sess1 Sess2 Sess3
Business Operations (Strategy and Application)
OMBA860 RMIT Sess3
OMBA870 RMIT Sess2
International Logistics
OMGT2255 RMIT Sess2
Measuring Strategic Performance in an Era of Constant Change
ORG60003 Swinburne SP3
Corporate Social Responsibility: the Quest for Business Sustainability
ORG70003 Swinburne SP1
Public Relations: Reputation to Risk
PUB60001 Swinburne SP1