Corporate Social Responsibility: the Quest for Business Sustainability - 2018

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  • Level of Study: Postgraduate
  • Study load: 0.125 EFTSL
  • Delivery method: Fully Online
  • Prerequisites: Yes
  • Duration: 13 weeks
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  • Availability for 2017: SP1
  • Availability for 2018: SP1
  • Assessment: Case Study - Individual & Group (30-40%) , Project - Group (20-30%) - Learn more

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The unit aims to help students understand global debates and policies concerning corporate social responsibility (CSR) by contextualising contemporary developments in this broader environment. The role of stakeholder expectations together with organisational and governance aspects are strongly represented throughout the unit as integral components of CSR strategies. The unit explores the global environment in which organisations and management now operate and are accountable. To help students respond to this environment they are presented with case studies and tools for gauging environmental impact of organisational activity.

Students who successfully complete this unit will be able to:

  1. Critically analyse corporate social responsibility from the perspectives of a range of stakeholder interests at an international and national level
  2. Demonstrate professionalism, integrity, ethical conduct, and profession practices in a global and sustainable context
  3. Apply advanced knowledge of CSR issues for commercial activity within the CSR agenda such as corporate codes of conduct, monitoring and compliance; supply chain management; training and capacity building; stakeholder engagement processes
  4. Apply problem solving and decision making methodology to provide innovative solutions to legal versus voluntary compliance from stakeholder perspectives
  5. Research industry and organisational perspectives on CSR, identifying implications for an organisation
  6. Communicate proficiently and in a professional manner, as a member of a diverse team.
  • Case Study — Individual & Group (30-40%)
  • Project — Group (20-30%)
  • Report — Individual (30-50%)

Equivalent units

You cannot enrol in this unit if you have successfully completed any of the following unit(s) because they are considered academically equivalent:

  • LMC701 — Corporate Social Responsibility: the Quest for Business Sustainability

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This unit addresses the following topics.

1What is CSR?
2CSR and economic sustainability
3CSR and social responsibility
4CSR and environmental responsibility
5CSR: Global initiatives
6CSR: The business case
7The diversity in corporate community support for CSR: case studies
8Regulatory initiatives and government controls
9CSR and Public Private Partnerships
10CSR: The case for voluntary or regulatory control
11CSR: Tools for quality and accountability
12CSR: Your industry and your organisation
13CSR: Organisation and Culture
14CSR: Corporate citizenship and community engagement
15CSR: The way forward

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