Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing careers

Professional associations and industry bodies

Skills and personality

  • Analytical abilities to increase quality and production of crops, livestock, fish and lumber
  • Business and accounting skills working with producers and buyers of yields and produce
  • Effective coordination and organisation capabilities
  • Enjoy working out on the land, in sometimes rural areas and with the natural environment
  • Expertise and scientific knowledge pertaining to crops, livestock, fish or tree species working with
  • Observational and problem solving capabilities and understanding signs of malnutrition and diseases in crops, fish, trees and animals
  • Physically able to perform large amounts of manual labour and work outdoors
  • Proficiency in using and maintaining farm tools, techniques and equipment
  • Research skills to test new crop variations as well as hormones, pesticides, etc.
  • Strict adherence to safety precautions and regulations