Make the most of your time off: upskilling over the holidays

Make the most of your holiday break by completing a short course online, and return to the office with a fresh set of skills. Learn more about upskilling online through Open Universities Australia.

Todd—Digital and Social Media student with Curtin University, through Open Universities Australia.


It’s hard to believe that another year had drawn to a close, with many of us having spent months in lockdown, away from our usual routines. For many, an extended break over Summer is a welcome time to relax; while for some, it can be an opportunity to gear up for the coming year.

Having a decent amount of downtime can be a great catalyst to getting stuck into studies that will have you returning to the office in the new year with a fresh set of skills. We’ve rounded up a range of short courses that you can take up through Open Universities Australia to help you upskill over the coming holiday period.

Curtin University: Travel Writing

Travel may be off the cards at the moment, but that doesn’t mean you can’t write about it. This 13-week course in travel writing will have you identifying and critically discussing the works of contemporary travel writers, as well as analysing the travel writing genre as a whole. Learn about the processes and framework behind professional freelance travel writing, and produce your own travel story using the techniques gained throughout the course.

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University of South Australia: Communication and Media

The COVID-19 pandemic highlights the importance of communication and media in our society—after all, how else would we keep up to date with the news? In this course, you’ll explore the historical development of communication and media technologies and their social consequences, as well as identify the different roles and forms of communication. Discover a range of media texts and genres while developing an understanding of social, political, economic and technological aspects of communication and media.

> Find out more about UniSA’s communications and media course.

Murdoch University: Presenting in Public, Writing and Performing for Professional Contexts

Learn the practical and theoretical skills necessary to give presentations in professional contexts. In this course, you’ll reflect upon the ethical and critical development of persuasive techniques in both writing and presentation formats and be able to analyse and evaluate these practices. You’ll be able to apply your knowledge to enact real-world presentations, so you can return to the office with your newly found knack for public speaking.

> Find out more about Murdoch’s professional presentation course.

RMIT University: Introduction to Information Technology

If you find yourself struggling to keep up with current information technology trends, this course can provide you with an introduction to concepts, software and applications. You’ll learn how to apply your technical knowledge to business settings, as well as integrate marketing and legal aspects to a product or service. Develop your confidence in working in a team environment to present an IT project using the skills acquired.

> Find out more about RMIT’s IT course.

Curtin University: Modernism in Art and Design

Do you consider yourself a bit of an art buff, or are you interested in the effects that rapid technological change have had on the world of art? This short course dives into the changing world of the 19th and early 20th centuries and its impact on artistic expression. You’ll learn about the birth and death of the avant-garde movement, and the influence that modernism has had on international visual culture.

> Find out more about Curtin’s art course.

University of South Australia: Psychology 1A

The great thing about studying psychology is its versatility—you can apply your knowledge to a wide range of roles across different industries. In this introductory course, you’ll cover the basics of psychology including learning, motivation, emotion and the ethics of psychological research. Sharpen your evaluation skills by analysing basic research designs and practices. The practical skills developed through this course will have you returning to work with a fresh approach.

> Find out more about UniSA’s psychology course.

RMIT University: Database Concepts

Databases are all around us. Learn more about this fundamental part of daily life by digging into the concepts, issues and functions of database systems. Work with SQL, a programming language, to update and extract contents to meet specific users’ information needs. Learn about how organisations utilise software assets and IT systems to streamline the information-sharing process.

> Find out more about RMIT’s database course.

Choosing a short course FAQs

Why are short courses important?
Short courses can set you apart from the competition or introduce you to new passions. You can use a short course to help you upskill in your current role, or to get a taste of a new industry before you take the leap. You may also be eligible to use the short course as credit towards completing a full degree.

How long do short courses take?
Depending on the course, they can take a matter of weeks or several months to complete. By studying your course through Open Universities Australia you get the flexibility to complete your studies online, with some courses offering part time options, so you can study while you work.

How many short courses are on offer through Open Universities Australia?
With thousands of courses on offer, you can study a range of courses across information technology, education, science, business, arts and much more.

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Freshen up your skills through OUA

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