How to become a science technician

Provide technical support in the lab and collaborate with scientists to perform experiments.

What does a science technician do?

Science technicians support scientific research and teaching. From preparing materials for experiments to maintaining relevant equipment, they provide technical support to scientists and students. Their role might also include fieldwork and presenting results.

Duties and tasks

  • Calculate equations and compute measurements.
  • Combine chemicals and prepare specimens.
  • Demonstrate experiments in front of science classes.
  • Find samples.
  • Handle materials for experiments and maintain equipment.
  • Present results in graphics and text.
  • Test, analyse, and experiment.

Industry bodies

Related jobs

  • Biotechnology technical officer
  • Chemistry technical officer
  • Laboratory worker
  • Life scientist
  • Materials engineer
  • Medical laboratory technician
  • Science field officer
  • Survey assistant
  • Surveying technician
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