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Bachelor of Science (Earth and Environmental Systems and Marine Systems)

Undergraduate | SCU-EMS-DEG | 2024

A double specialisation that explores, protects and restores the planet

Explore Earth’s systems and challenges. You’ll apply chemistry and biology concepts to unpack global issues including pollution. Build skills in scientific report writing and data collection. For careers in park management, government, consulting or research.

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Bachelor of Science (Earth and Environmental Systems and Marine Systems)

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Entry requirements

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Career opportunities

The Bachelor of Science prepares students for employment or further study in the sciences, developing graduates who can apply science in the context of broader systems to address complex intellectual, professional, practical and societal challenges in the Anthropocene.

Career opportunities are diverse, including natural resource management in local council, state, Commonwealth Government or not-for-profit organisations, consulting, as an industry adviser or practitioner, research technician, quality control/quality assurance officer, data analyst or science communicator.

Specialisations allow students to develop expertise in an area of practice such as Marine, Forest, Earth and Environmental Science or Regenerative Agriculture and may have more specific career outcomes.

Graduate outcomes for specialisations might include:

Earth and Environmental Systems

Career opportunities exist in public and private sectors, national park and protected area management, environmental protection, waste management, environmental impact assessment and monitoring, environmental education and interpretation, ecotourism, land/river/coast care programs; and in environmental science research.

Marine Systems

Career opportunities exist in marine park management, fisheries and aquaculture, reef restoration, marine monitoring, marine-based tourism, state or federal government, marine consulting, or marine research and technical assistance.

Career outlook

Conservation Officers:
$93K to $120K
Environmental Consultants:
$93K to $120K
Environmental Managers:
Over $120K
Environmental Research Scientists:
$93K to $120K
Environmental Scientists:
$93K to $120K
Occupational and Environmental Health Professionals:
$93K to $120K
Park Rangers:
$93K to $120K
Policy and Planning Managers:
Over $120K

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