How to become a film or media director

Transform your artistic vision into reality in the head creative position of a creative project.

What does a film or media director do?

Film or media directors lead the creative aspects of performing arts productions, such as movies, television shows, and live theatre. They guide actors in how best to play their characters, working with producers to manage the production.

Duties and tasks

  • Research and choose scripts.
  • Audition and select a cast.
  • Think about location and scenery.
  • Describe costume and makeup requirements.
  • Communicate cinematograph, lighting, and technical aspects.
  • Attend rehearsals and work with actors.
  • Collaborate on editing and postproduction changes.

Industry bodies

Related jobs

  • Film director
  • Movie director
  • Producer
  • Radio or television director
  • Stage director
  • Stage manager
  • Theatrical director

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