Web Developer

Specialise in website development, including design, structure and layout.

Web Developers are responsible for all programming aspects for websites and web applications. They’re employed across all types of organisations from small to large size companies as well as being able to work as freelancers and consultants.

Duties and tasks

  • Planning and designing websites to meet customers specifications
  • Speaking with clients to determine needs
  • Using programming languages to create web content
  • Working with network specialists to address and resolve connectivity problems and other issues

Skills required

  • Ability to use logic and reasoning to solve complex problems
  • Ability to write and read computer programming languages
  • High level of mathematical ability
  • Troubleshooting capabilities

Working conditions

Web Developers often work for private Internet companies, either small operations or large businesses like Google. They also may establish their work on a freelance basis or work in-house at a larger, non-Internet based corporation. They are also occasionally hired by governments to complete municipal or public service work.

Professional associations

The Australian Computer Society

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