Why us?

As a not-for-profit organisation, we make university study open to anyone, anywhere, at any time in their lives.

All your options

Browse hundreds of courses from leading Australian universities and study online to gain qualifications that are the same as on-campus.

Find your best fit

We can help you review your study options and guide you in making the right choice, as we have for over 440,000 other students.

Tailor your degree

Study the subjects you want from different unis to customise your qualification, then graduate from the uni you studied most with.

Get started today

No matter your previous education, you can enrol easily online, and study at your own pace. With multiple study terms, we’re ready when you are.

It's uni on your terms

So, you’re thinking about uni. We know that choosing the right course, the one that’s going to help you reach your goals and best suit you and your lifestyle, is a big deal.

That’s why we’re here. We can help you navigate and compare your options, and offer guidance to find the right fit for you. We partner with universities across Australia to bring you over 410 degrees and 2,070 subjects in the one place, all available to study online, anywhere, anytime. 

Our simple online enrolment means you can start your studies quickly and easily. When you enrol in a degree or single subject through us, you become a student of your chosen university and study online with them. It’s exactly the same course that’s delivered on campus—but you get to control the pace at which you study to fit with all the other things going on in your life. 

Get access to your subject tutors, video lectures, online assessments and study resources from wherever you are, and when you finish, you graduate from your chosen uni with the same qualification as you’d earn on campus. When you enrol through us, you can even study subjects from multiple universities to customise your degree to best suit you. 

Through us, you can enrol in a full degree or just a single subject, its entirely your choice. Either way, if you’re eligible, you can access government loans to help fund your studies. There are benefits of enrolling into a full degree, but the beauty of single subjects is there are no entry requirements—none at all. 

So, whoever you are, and whatever your motivation or previous education experience, we can get you studying at university so you can achieve your goals.

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