Our commitment

Our commitment defines our company culture and the approach we take to deliver experiences to students, our partners and our team.


We’re committed to helping you find the right fit for you, so you can succeed on your study journey. Enrolling with us and studying online with your chosen university means you don’t have to worry about entry requirements, set times or distance. You can study anywhere, anytime, at a pace that suits your lifestyle.

Our online enrolment makes it easy for you to take the first step and start studying in any of the multiple study terms. You can choose to study a single subject to upskill in a specific area, or study towards a full degree. When you complete a degree with your chosen uni, you’ll graduate with the same qualification as an on-campus student. Through our university partnerships, you can access real degrees from real unis in the one place.

We’re here to help you achieve your goals, so think of us as a lifelong learning partner.

Our partners

We know that our success is dependent on the strength of our partnerships. Together we have created Australia's leading higher education marketplace, providing more choice and easier access to students nationally and internationally. We work closely with our provider universities to continue to broaden the choice of quality higher education.

Our team

We pride ourselves on being a workplace that values the contribution of all members of our team. We communicate honestly to create an environment that fosters trust, fairness and respect, and rewards effort. Our culture is built upon optimism and fuelled by the energy and enthusiasm of those who are a part of it.