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At the completion of this subject students will be able to:

  1. interpret children’s language and demonstration of their knowledge related to mathematical concepts
  2. assess the role of the educator in developing children’s awareness of mathematical concepts and language related to mathematics
  3. develop a teaching plan that demonstrates understanding of mathematics content areas; number, algebra, geometry, measurement and statistic and probability
  4. create and utilise appropriate environments and materials to support early mathematical concept development
  5. plan and integrate mathematics across all domains and learning areas
  6. demonstrate increased personal numeracy skills and understanding of the content areas of the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics.
    • Developing mathematical concepts from birth. Children becoming numerate.
    • Contexts for teaching and learning numeracy: integration of mathematics across the curriculum.
    • Children becoming numerate through play, music, and literature.
    • Developing mathematical language through play, music and literature. Using technology with children.
    • Foundations for mathematical understanding: intentional teaching of ideas.
    • Number and algebra: strategies and activities.
    • Geometry: strategies and activities.
    • Measurement: strategies and activities.
    • Statistics and probability: strategies and activities.
    • Working mathematically: strategies and resources.
    • Planning for a diverse range of children in early mathematics.
    • Creating a supportive learning environment.
    • Connecting and reviewing the ideas in the unit.
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You must have successfully completed the following subject(s) before starting this subject:

CUR-EDE242-Mathematics for the Early Years


You don't have to enrol in this subject if you have completed EDE104 Numeracy (Birth - 5 years) as they are considered equivalents.

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This subject is designed to develop educator understanding of the effective use of mathematics in daily life as it applies to children in the years from birth to age 5. There is particular attention given to developing educator understanding of how adults can enhance children’s language related to mathematics, children’s awareness of mathematical concepts and ways to effectively engage children with everyday mathematics in different contexts. The subject continues to develop educator knowledge of mathematics content areas; number, algebra, geometry, measurement and statistics and probability together with a focus on the application of strategies that facilitate the interpretation and assessment of children’s mathematical understanding.

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  • Reflective Analysis (50%)
  • Case Study (50%)

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