Undergraduate subjects

Get into your university through these online subjects, which don't have any entry requirements

We think everyone should be able to study at university, no matter their academic history.

That’s why we have a special arrangement in place with leading Australian universities. It means you can get into many undergraduate subjects online through us, without worrying about entry requirements. If you want to earn a full degree, you can use your subjects to qualify for entry. 

Explore available subjects now, and read the resources on this page to understand more about this study option. 

Why choose an online undergraduate subject?

Get into university no matter your ATAR or study history

Give undergraduate study a test run, without committing to a full degree

Upskill in a single area that interests you

Access government HELP funding to cover your tuition fee

Earn academic credit that can shave time off a qualification

Choose from multiple start dates throughout the year

Popular undergraduate subjects that are open to everyone

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Frequently asked undergraduate subject questions

What is an undergraduate subject?

It’s a subject that belongs to a full-length undergraduate course, which you can study in isolation through Open Universities Australia. The coursework is usually offered at a bachelor degree level. 

Who can enrol in undergraduate subjects?

Most of the undergraduate subjects available through us are open to everyone over the age of 18. This means you don’t need an ATAR or prior study experience to enrol.

Some of our partner universities even accept students under 18 years of age, with parental permission. Read more about minimum age requirements.   

How does undergraduate subject study work?

Use the links on this page to compare undergraduate subjects across different universities. 

You can select your subject based on what interests you. Or you can select your subject because it’s connected to a degree you would like to get into. There will be information about connected degrees on the subject page.  

Once you’ve decided, you can enrol instantly. Then you will be a student with your chosen university. They will email you access to an online learning management system (LMS) where you will complete the classwork and assessments for your subject.

How long is an undergraduate subject?
It varies between universities, but most subjects run between 10 and 18 weeks. 
Why should I study an undergraduate subject?

There are plenty of reasons! Maybe you want develop a new skill, explore a personal interest, or gain entry into a degree.

After you complete a single subject, there’s no commitment to continue your studies, so it’s a great way to find out if university is for you. If you do decide to keep studying, you’ll get credit towards a degree qualification.

Will I study the same material as an on-campus student?

Yes, the course material is the same; it’s just supplied in a different format. Instead of attending classes in person, you’ll watch recorded lectures, participate in discussions through student forums, and access all your assessments online. 

How can I use single subjects to get into a full degree?

First, find the degree that you would like to study on our website. 

If that degree allows entry via undergraduate subjects, there will be information about this under the Entry Requirements section. You will find a list of 2-4 open enrolment subjects you need to successfully complete to qualify for admission into that qualification.

Once you pass those subjects, you will satisfy the academic requirements for the degree, and you can apply for entry.

Our student advisors are here to help you take that next step, so don’t hesitate to reach out when you’re ready! We've also made it easier to figure out the right way to get started on our pathways page

How much does an undergraduate subject cost?

Undergraduate subjects range in price, with some of the lowest starting at $500. During your enrolment, we’ll offer you the option to pay upfront in full, or defer your payment using a HECS-HELP or FEE-HELP student loan. If you select a student loan, you will pay your tuition fees through your income tax once you’re earning over the minimum repayment threshold.

While you can study standalone undergraduate subjects directly with many universities, you will likely be required to pay upfront. We know this can be a barrier for some students. Open Universities Australia is the only place in the country where you can defer payment for single subjects.

I’m already studying on campus. Can I enrol in a few extra subjects online to fast track my degree?

Yes, you can, provided those subjects are related to your current course structure.

You can take online subjects alongside your existing on-campus studies, or during semester breaks. Once those subjects are completed, they can be credited towards your degree, meaning you’ll graduate faster. 

We recommend chatting to one of our student advisors about this, so you can set up a study plan that best suits your circumstances. 

Read more about fast tracking your degree.

How do I enrol in an undergraduate subject?

You can enrol instantly in many of the undergraduate subjects listed on our website.

Once you’ve found a subject you would like to do, simply click 'Enrol now' on the relevant subject page, and select the date you’d like to start studying. 

We’ll ask you to provide some personal details, including your tax file number and a unique student identifier (USI), so we can set up a Student Hub account. Then you’ll be invited to pay your tuition fees with a student loan or credit card. 

If I get stuck, who can I ask for help?

Reach out to us and we’ll talk you through it. We can even help you apply over the phone. 

You can also read more detailed enrolling instructions here.

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