Single subjects

With over 1,600 single subjects to choose from and no entry requirements*, studying online with a leading university has never been easier.

No entry requirements

We make studying at uni possible for everyone, with no entry requirements to enrol in most undergraduate subjects. You can also access full government funding (subject to eligibility).

When you’ve decided what to study—which we can help you with—you can enrol online and join upcoming classes in just a few simple steps. Enrolling through us means you don’t need to wait for uni approval, you sign up to a single subject and start straight away.

For most postgraduate single subjects, some entry requirements apply. But, we manage the approval process, so you’ll know quickly if you’re eligible.

*For the majority of undergraduate subjects.

More choice, less commitment

Through us you can choose and enrol in one of over 1,500 online subjects and study with a leading uni. No need to visit lots of websites, or step foot on campus. With a huge range of online subjects available, we can help you find the right fit for you and get you studying sooner with multiple start dates throughout the year.

Single subjects are ideal to refresh your knowledge on a specific topic, develop a new skill, learn for personal interest or as an entry point towards a degree. 

All subjects are studied online through your uni's learning management system (LMS) so you get access to your tutors, study material, lectures and student forums in one place, at any time.

After completing a single subject there’s no commitment to continue your studies, but if you do, you’ll get credit towards a degree qualification.

From a single subject to a full degree

All single subjects are part of a university degree program, so if you want to complete a degree, each subject you pass will help you get there.

For most degrees, after you successfully complete a few subjects you’ll be offered a place at your uni. Accepting a place means you’ll become an official student of that uni and won’t be affected by future changes to the degree structure—so your path to graduation is secure. 

When you enrol through us, you can select subjects from multiple unis and build a degree that’s tailored to you. Without a rigid structure from just one uni, you have the freedom to personalise your degree based on your interests or career goals. 

On successful completion of the required subjects, you’ll be awarded your degree and invited to your graduation—exactly the same as on-campus students and with the same recognition.

If you complete subjects from a range of unis, you’ll be awarded your degree from the uni you studied with the most.

Stay on track, at your own pace

Studying a single subject when and where it suits you means that you can keep progressing towards your goal while working or travelling. Kick-start your degree by studying online while overseas, or study at home after work to keep your skills up-to-date.

Studying subjects online can also help fast-track your on-campus studies. By combining online and on-campus study, you can make up for subjects you missed, or study during on-campus semester breaks.

For those who can’t wait to get uni started, single subjects are available to study from 16. If you have your parents’ permission, you can even start at a younger age.

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