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  • University of Adelaide

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  • Entrepreneurship Foundations and Mindset

    UAD-ENT1011OUA | Undergraduate

    Learn to grow business ideas into opportunities. Gain the confidence and know-how to innovate, create, and negotiate. Potential new business opportunities are abundant once you have an entrepreneurial mindset.

    • 31 Jan 2022
    • 23 May 2022
    • 05 Sep 2022
  • Personal Professional Development

    UAD-ENT1002OUA | Undergraduate

    Develop yourself as an ethical and proficient business professional. Open your mind to critical thinking, growth, and resilience. Consider foundational business activities of mentoring and networking. Conduct yourself professionally with peers.

    • 23 May 2022
  • Business Lifecycles

    UAD-ENT1000OUA | Undergraduate

    Learn how the pieces of a successful business fit together. Explore the business lifecycle and the part each major business discipline plays. From inception to maturity, see where marketing, finance, management, law and other business topics fit.

    • 31 Jan 2022
    • 05 Sep 2022
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  • Managing Organisations and People

    UAD-COM1001OUA | Undergraduate

    Explore management theory to understand why organisations need managers and how you can become a good one. Learn to think like a manager. Make confident and ethical decisions in the best interest of the business, its staff, and the broader community.

    • 31 Jan 2022
    • 23 May 2022
    • 05 Sep 2022