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  • Creative Art and Design
  • Curtin University

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  • Fine Art Project Advanced

    CUR-VSW340 | Undergraduate

    Mix and match creative ideas and strategies to produce a high-quality project. Examine the cultural and social issues affecting your developing body of work. Exchange feedback with staff and peers. Demonstrate a professional standard of art practice.

  • Fine Art Concepts and Contexts

    CUR-VSW330 | Undergraduate

    Identify your creative skills, techniques and processes and refine them. Present your own self-directed fine art project. Build a framework around your art pieces that unifies them conceptually. Show your work to your peers and fold in their feedback.

  • Fine Art Project

    CUR-VSW240 | Undergraduate

    Push yourself with a self-initiated art project. Put together in-depth project proposals. Explore the ins and outs of your work with staff and fellow artists. Create innovative works and show where they sit within the broader art context.

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  • Fine Art Studio Extension

    CUR-VSW230 | Undergraduate

    Take your painting or sculpture specialisation to the next level. Pay attention to the use of space and light in your artwork. Document the ways in which your practice is developing. Approach your artwork with advanced technical and conceptual skills.

  • Fine Art Studio Processes

    CUR-VSW220 | Undergraduate

    Strive towards a studio research presentation. Think about how time and place affect your artwork. Learn to view your output through international and cultural frameworks. Experiment with techniques as you search for new exciting ways to work.

  • Fine Art Studio Strategies

    CUR-VSW210 | Undergraduate

    Restock the skills, techniques and processes in your arsenal. Unpack your development and research approach with your peers. Reflect on your work in terms of material, form and function.

  • Australian Aboriginal Art

    CUR-VIS340 | Undergraduate

    Witness the impact history, aesthetics and politics has had on Indigenous Australian art practice. Visit the pre-colonial era. Examine artistic representations of The Dreaming. See how Indigenous Australians have wielded art to create commentary.

  • Art Visual Research

    CUR-VAR300 | Undergraduate

    Fortify your artistic style and take on a self-directed visual project. Use different media to communicate your ideas. Stretch your arts practice to explore architectural drawing. Play with composition as you explore natural and artificial forms.

  • Introduction to Art Visual Research

    CUR-VAR250 | Undergraduate

    Push your artistic practice into new places by exploring techniques and processes. Engage with shape and tone to convey artistic meaning. Research modern fine art studies. Experiment with new ways to conceptualise, produce and evaluate art.

  • Drawing

    CUR-VAR110 | Undergraduate

    Draw a solid base for your fine arts study with fundamental skills in drawing. Create artwork enlivened by your use of tone, body, and line and mark marking. Play with visual forms and techniques. Convey your artistic intent through the visual language of drawing.