How 3 students took the leap

Deciding that you want or need to study is like standing on the precipice of change. You know there’s a leap involved, and diving in takes courage. To help you on your way, let’s look at three students who have made it happen. 

Anything worth having in life comes with a certain level of discomfort. Whether that be dating, making friends, starting a new job or – you guessed it, study. Taking that leap into the unknown can be terrifying. You may feel uncertain of your abilities and where you might end up. But take it from us, it will be worth it. 

Just look at these three students who committed to diving into a land of possibility through Open Universities Australia. If they hadn’t, they wouldn’t be where the are today. 

Tomasz segued into security 

Before taking the leap through Open Universities Australia, Tomasz felt stuck at a crossroads – wondering if there was more to life than the studies in management he’d already completed. 

This sense of “what if” spurred Tomasz to reach out to Open Universities Australia so that he could explore thousands of courses from a range of leading Australian universities, all in one place. 

With the guidance of friendly student advisors, Tomasz enrolled in a Bachelor of Security Studies online with Macquarie University, a field which he now feels is his true passion. 

So, what happened to Tomasz after feeling the fear and doing it anyway? He feels so much passion for his new-found career that having graduated in the field in 2019, he plans to continue onto a Masters degree, and then a PhD. 

For those asking life’s big questions, Tomasz advises them to be courageous, “I say, go for it”.

Stephen took off to Thailand 

Like many of us, Stephen got to a certain point in life where he felt burdened by the daily grind. 

“All I was doing was working to survive [in Australia], so I came to Thailand where the cost of living is a lot less” says Stephen, who took the leap to teach English in Bangkok. 

“Thailand has always called me to come here. It’s the best decision I ever made.”

Before feeling a need for change, Stephen spent 15 years in accounting and 10 years in the travel industry. When the idea of teaching English in the tropics struck him, he realised that he’d need an English related degree. That’s where Open Universities Australia came in. 

He enrolled in Griffith University’s Bachelor of Communication, online, with majors in Screen Studies and Creative Writing.

Today, he combines his passions for people, travel and communication in Thailand – living life at a pace that suits him. It’s a far cry from the stresses of his life in Sydney. 

Melissa made more of her career 

As a young dental nurse, Melissawas once-upon-a-time excited to sit by the dentist’s chair. However, after some time in the industry she knew she needed more. 

“I remember sitting there thinking, I cannot come to work every day and watch people having their teeth taken out,” she laughs.  

Eventually, she knew she needed to make more out of her career, even with the responsibilities of two young children at her feet. At a greater level, she yearned to make her mark in the public health industry.

With the desire to move from hands-on oral care, into a more communications-based role, Melissa was drawn to Curtin University’s Graduate Certificate in Health Promotion. Since taking the leap and enrolling, she hasn’t looked back.

The course equipped Melissa with knowledge surrounding health motivations and behaviours so that she could take a more holistic view of what leads patients to neglect their teeth. It also gave her skills on how to communicate these factors to inspire change in patients. Now, she has her sights set on a Masters degree. 

If you could be anyone and achieve anything, what would you be doing right now? No matter the number of steps it may take to get you there, turning your desires into reality is completely possible. 
Start by exploring thousands of courses from leading Australian universities available to study online. You can study one subject at a time or take the plunge with a degree. The choice is yours. We’re here to guide you there.  

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