Vocational education teacher

A Vocational Education Teacher may also be referred to as a trade or skill teacher. This type of educator works within a prescribed curriculum to further the technical education of students. Vocational teachers are sometimes thought of those that offer hands-on job preparation for students in an educational setting.

Duties and tasks

  • Assessing student needs, abilities, and progress over time
  • Creating hands-on experiences for students in the field
  • Instructing students using a variety of teaching techniques
  • Maintaining grades or other forms of assessment throughout curriculum
  • Providing both basic and in depth knowledge about a given technical topic

Skills required

  • Ability to monitor, assess, and grade progress on a continuum is necessary
  • Social skills in working with young adults, fellow teachers, and those in the work force or area for which training is occurring
  • The skills used to effectively teach others a known skill as part of the curriculum is necessary
  • Time management so students receive all necessary information within a prescribed period
  • Understanding and utilising different learning strategies to reach all learner types

Working conditions

A Vocational Education Teacher most often works at a training center for tertiary students. Settings can vary based on the actual program as computer repair settings may differ from automobile repair programs. Though classes may take place during the day during typical school hours, programs may also offer weekend or night classes to accommodate adult schedules and families.

Professional associations / Industry information

Department of Education (WA) 

Department of Education and Training (ACT) 

NSW Teachers Federation 

Queensland College of Teachers 

Teachers Registration Board of South Australia 

Victorian Institute of Teaching 

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