Production Engineer

Production Engineers usually work in the manufacturing world. Their primary job is to make sure that products are produced at the required speed to match up with the needs of/demand from customers. They also ensure that products are constructed properly and sometime calculate yield to determine waste within a manufacturing facility.

Duties and tasks

  • Oversee daily production issues
  • Plan/schedule manufacturing equipment production for the specific industry involved
  • Train, lead, and guide production team
  • Work closely and buy raw materials from suppliers
  • Work with all departments to fulfill delivery requirements

Skills required

  • A four-year accredited degree in engineering is preferred
  • Ability to use current technologies
  • At least three years of related experience in manufacturing or a related field is preferred
  • Must be knowledgeable about design, mechanical, verification, and analysis techniques
  • Must have excellent written and communication skills

Working conditions

Production Engineers work in a variety of environments, with most overseeing chemicals and manufacturing equipment used for product manufacturing. There are certain dangers involved with both of these types of products, though a production engineer is not often a "hands-on" worker. Working conditions may be noisy for some industries.

Professional associations / Industry information

Engineers Australia 

National Engineering Registration Board 

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