Electrical Engineering Draftsperson and Technician

Electrical Engineering Draftspersons and Technicians provide support for electrical engineers in the fields of engineering research, design, manufacture, assembly, construction, operation, and maintenance of electrical equipment, facilities, networks, and distribution systems. The work is technical and collaborative in nature.

Duties and tasks

  • Assisting electrical engineers and electrical distribution trades workers in the implementation and maintenance of electrical distribution plans
  • Collecting data, graphing results, performing calculations, and preparing charts and tables
  • Developing drawings and plans of electrical distribution systems and circuitry
  • Inspecting electrical system designs and editing as needed
  • Monitoring and maintaining electrical distribution networks as needed
  • Researching electrical networks and implementing findings

Skills required

  • Ability to work with and get along with others
  • Critical thinking skills and ability to find solutions to problems
  • Fine eye for detail
  • Sketching and drawing abilities
  • Spatial organisation and imagination capabilities

Working conditions

Electrical Engineering Draftspersons and Technicians typically work in office settings, alongside electrical engineers and others involved in the electrical development and maintenance industry.

Professional associations / Industry information

Engineers Australia Engineers Australia is the national forum for the advancement of engineering 

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