Trades Assistant (Electrical or Telecommunications)

Trade Assistants in the electrical or telecommunications field assist electricians and telecommunication specialists in troubleshooting and repair of electrical and telecommunication equipment. These assistants may also aide in the installation and maintenance of electrical and telecommunication systems.

Duties and tasks

  • Aide in diagnosis and repair of system operations
  • Assist trade workers with digging, lifting and cutting cables
  • Assist trade workers with laying of cable
  • Assist with installation and maintenance of electrical and telecommunications systems
  • Conform to safety regulations and requirements
  • Perform manual tasks associated with installation

Skills required

  • Experience with use of power tools
  • Heavy lifting
  • Manual labor
  • Operation of vehicles
  • Practical and organizational skills
  • Understanding of electronics and telecommunications

Working conditions

Electrical and Telecommunications Trades Assistants work indoors and outdoors depending upon the requirements of individual jobs or business opportunities. Most often, power tools are required as well as protective clothing and footwear as electrical hazards are possible in this work field.

Professional associations / Industry information

Master Builders Australia 

The Australian Institute of Building 

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