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At the completion of this subject students will be able to:

  1. select a current issue relevant to language, literacy or literature and devise an investigation in order to enhance and extend knowledge, understanding and concepts associated with the subject
  2. identify and synthesise relevant theories by studying a body of literature on a key issue in language, literacy and literature
  3. debate a chosen issue by means of peer generated, collaborative discussion demonstrating the ability of comprehend and critique concepts and theories
  4. critically analyse theories of English teaching and evaluate consequent pedagogies in relation to diverse communities.
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You must have successfully completed the following subject(s) before starting this subject:

CUR-EDP333-English Pedagogies and the Integrated Curriculum

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No special requirements

This subject begins by identifying key issues in English and engages a critical analysis of theories, pedagogies and philosophies associated with the teaching of language, literacy and literature. Individual students will select a key issue and conduct an investigation of relevant theories, pedagogies and philosophy. Individual investigations will be followed by collaborative discussion of findings with peers investigating the same issue, followed by critical analysis of thinking around the issue, culminating in the presentation of conclusions and recommendations for future practice/further research.

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  • Rationale (10%)
  • Exercise (40%)
  • Essay (50%)

Textbooks are not required.

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