Warning! This subject requires you to do a practical placement, please see Special Requirements for more information.

Subject details

At the completion of this subject students will be able to:

  1. demonstrate professional knowledge that reflects an understanding of student learning, content knowledge and pedagogy
  2. plan and implement positive, effective teaching, learning, assessment, moderation, provision of feedback, and reporting strategies that meet professional practice expectations 
  3. create, lead and maintain a positive, safe, supportive learning environment for all students that meets professional practice expectations

  4. demonstrate professional engagement in continued professional learning, improving practice, professional responsibilities, meeting of ethical, legislative, administrative and organisational requirements and positive relationships with colleagues, parents, carers and the wider community

  5. demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the responsibilities that comprise the role of the teacher/educator, including leadership, maintaining a positive identity and professional resilience

  6. generate evidence of teaching capability from the practical elements of the professional experience being undertaken in the school setting, for the purposes of completing the teaching performance assessment

    • This subject is a school-based professional experience placement comprising of one full school term, so there are no topics delivered.
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Equivalent subjects

You cannot enrol in this subject if you have successfully completed any of the following subject(s) because they are considered academically equivalent:


EDC450 Professional Experience 4: The Internship is the final subject in the degree and is a restricted subject. All core and elective subjects must be completed before students will be permitted to enrol.

Special requirements

  • PlacementDetails - The fieldwork for this subject is a school-based professional experience placement comprising of one full school term, preceded by five days of school observation. The term placement must be undertaken on a full-time basis in a continuous block. Please note that all relevant, valid working with children checks and clearances must be provided as requested prior to commencement of the placement.

This subject was previously known as EDC421 Transition to the Teaching Profession.

All core and elective subjects must be completed before students can enrol in their final subject, EDC450 Professional Experience 4: The Internship. Students will need to contact hum-ed-ouaprac@curtin.edu.au requesting permission to enrol in EDC450 Professional Experience 4: The Internship. Once we have confirmation that the student has satisfied the above requirements, then the restriction will be lifted.

This final subject in the suite of professional experience subjects is referred to as the Internship. It is for one full school term conducted in a full-time continuous block at the specified time. All required clearances for working with children must be valid and other subjects within the degree must be completed and passed in order to undertake the Internship. This subject provides students with the opportunity to exercise the professional skills, knowledge and attitudes in a school setting that demonstrate their classroom readiness. During this sustained professional experience, students will be required to demonstrate that they meet the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers at the Graduate Career stage. This is done through a practical and a theoretical assessment. Both the practical and theoretical assessments must be undertaken together and passed in order to pass the subject. The professional experience practical assessment requires successful completion of the Internship. The theoretical assessment is a teaching performance assessment.

To view the Practicum Calendar, please see below:

EDC450 Practicum Calendar 2019 (PDF, 59KB)

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  • Teaching Performance Assessment (Pass/Fail%)
  • Professional Experience (100%)

Textbooks are not required.

Textbook information is pending.

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