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Subject details

  • Topics
    • What is Interior Architecture in the 21st Century?
    • Ways of Looking and Thinking
    • Person-Environment Relationships and Aesthetics and Experience
    • Occupation and Rituals + Body and Performance Theories
    • Meaning, Symbols and NVC + Social Justice and Social Sustainability
    • Indigenous, Cultural & Global Communities
    • Social Organisations and Social Practices
    • Social Responsibility and Social Justice
    • 21st Century and Beyond
    • Creative Communities: Philosophy and Practice
  • Study resources
    • Instructional Methods
      • Disscusion forum/Discussion Board
      • Online assignment submission
      • Standard Media
      • Web links
    • Online Materials
      • Online Assessment
      • Printable format materials
      • Resources and Links

At the completion of this subject students will be able to:

  1. critique design discipline theory, philosophy, practices and key design discipline issues in relation to design scenarios
  2. formulate a philosophical argument in relation to design practice
  3. synthesise developing social and cultural awareness including a knowledge of globally diverse Indigenous perspectives in relation to the theory and practice of design
  4. incorporate theoretical understandings into a creative work
  5. communicate the philosophy of design practice orally, visually and in writing.
  • Assignment 1 - Essay (35%)
  • Assignment 2 - Project (50%)
  • Assignment 3 - Project Pitch (15%)

Textbooks are subject to change within the academic year. Students are advised to purchase their books no earlier than one to two months before the start of a subject

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Special requirements

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This subject was previously known as Interior Architecture Philosophy and Practice.

Philosophy and Practice offers an introduction to key philosophies, issues, practices, theories and concepts related to design practice, in particular design of the interior. Students will explore questions of identity, the person-community-environment relationship, aesthetics and experience, symbols and meaning, and occupation and habitation that is inclusive of indigenous perspectives. Principles of design practice, and theoretical frameworks relating to design methodologies are also considered. Students will develop an understanding of the concepts of community, cultural diversity, social sustainability, social equity within local and global contexts. Students will investigate design as a process, as communication and representation, and importantly as ways of questioning and thinking.

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