Ancient history

Choose an ancient history course to understand how the past has shaped today.

Are you intrigued by ancient times? The people, the decisions they made, and why things were the way that they were? 

Study a course in ancient history, and you’ll have the chance to immerse yourself in the grit of medieval times, the indulgence of the renaissance, the power of revolutions and more.

What will I learn in an ancient history course?

Ancient history is expansive. Where you choose to take your studies in the field is, really, up to you. In an ancient history course, you might cover areas such as:

  • Archaeology
  • Material culture
  • Historical literature
  • Politics
  • Mythology
  • Philosophy
  • Architecture

All of which you’ll have the opportunity to study across various time periods and locations. From ancient Greece to Rome, Great Britain and more. 

What are the career opportunities with ancient history courses?

Those who study ancient history often use their unique understanding of research and reflection to move into the following roles:

  • Archivist
    Use your course in ancient history to preserve records, files, information, historical documents and artefacts.
  • Heritage consultant
    Work with the local council to give advice on heritage matters using your ancient history knowledge.
  • Museum curator
    Put your ancient history degree to use by planning and organising gallery and museum collections.
  • Librarian
    Manage collections of information for the local community using your knowledge of archives and research.

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