How a student advisor can help

If you're looking for customisation, a student advisor's help can go a long way. They'll help you unlock maximum flexibility, so you can truly own your study experience.

Get assistance with the tricky stuff

To help you take advantage of all our benefits, our team of expert student advisors are ready to help with even the trickiest of arrangements.

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Get help with the 'what'

If you're not sure what to study, or which career path to pursue, talk through your interests and goals with a student advisor and gather some recommendations.

Plan an alternate path into a degree

If you're not eligible for a certain degree at first, a student advisor can help you select subjects that may qualify you for entry, and count towards that degree.

Build a custom degree

Found a degree that's almost the right fit? Talk to a student advisor about customising it with elective subjects from other study areas, or other universities.

Combine online and on-campus study

If you want to speed up your on-campus degree, ask a student advisor how to study some of your subjects online, rather than waiting for them to start on campus.

Skip straight to postgraduate study

If you've got 5+ years of work experience, why study the basics in a bachelor's degree? Skip ahead to a postgraduate degree with the help of a student advisor.

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Sort out the logistics

Let a student advisor clarify the details of study, including enrolment in a course, payment and study loans, and general administration.

Peter – OUA Student Advisor
Peter - OUA student advisor

How to reach our experts

It's our goal to make it easy to find, choose and enrol online without assistance. But if you're lacking clarity or feeling doubtful, talk it through with a trained and highly knowledgable advisor – they're happy to help. Any time of day, reach out via: During business hours, you can also touch base via: If you prefer to have an advisor call you:
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Talk to a student advisor

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A few friendly faces

It helps to put a face to a name, so let us introduce a few advisors from our expert team.

Mery - OUA student advisor

Mery – Student Advisor

Year started: 2017

Favourite part of the job:

I love getting students enrolled in courses that they never thought they'd be eligible for. They're always so happy, and it’s quite rewarding.

Jason - OUA student advisor

Jason – Student Advisor

Year started: 2018

Favourite part of the job:

Promoting education as a way to improve and overcome life's adversities is why I love the job. The future is what you make it.

Maria - OUA student advisor

Maria – Student Advisor

Year started: 2014

Favourite part of the job:

Helping students through complex issues is really satisfying, especially when I can bring to light options they didn't know they had.

Studying an environmental science course prepares you to protect, restore, and rehabilitate the environment.

Put your knowledge of biology and chemistry under the microscope, and examine science through the lens of biodiversity, conservation, and spatial ecology.

Use your skills to tackle climate change, reduce pollution, and conserve threatened species. Join the ranks of environmental scientists who dedicate themselves to making a difference. With an environmental science qualification, you can play a crucial role solving today’s environmental challenges.

Compare and apply

We’ll help you find the right course for you. Our student advisors are ready to answer your questions.

Work out your finances

During your enrolment, we’ll offer you the option to pay upfront in full, or defer your payment using a student loan. Remember to look into income tax deductions for course fees and study-related expenses.

Get credit for your success

We won’t let your hard work go unrecognised. Choose to take a single subject, or combine your work as part of a degree.