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  • Indigenous Community Development

    MUR-COD301 | Undergraduate

    Work alongside Indigenous groups. Examine the profound impact legislation has had on Indigenous communities in the past. Then explore the culturally appropriate storytelling techniques being used to shape successful community initiatives today.

    • 29 Aug 2022
  • Coming Into Community

    MUR-ART101 | Undergraduate

    • 28 Feb 2022
    • 29 Aug 2022
  • Social Research Methods

    MAQ-SOCX2000 | Undergraduate

    Integrate an array of social research methods into your skill set. Weigh up statistical research techniques. Look through case studies and engage in textual analysis. Structure your work by learning to formulate robust research questions.

    • 25 Jul 2022
  • Social and Personality Psychology

    MAQ-PSYX2234 | Undergraduate

    Learn to bring a scientific lens to personality and social psychology using theories and research. Take a critical approach as you consider differences in the two fields, evaluate existing knowledge and look into controversies within these areas.

    • 21 Feb 2022
  • Digital and Social Media Project

    CUR-NET391 | Undergraduate

    Plan and execute a research project that explores how society connects online. This could be a scholarly paper or an online project such as a website. Use your imagination and get creative with your final presentation.

    • 29 Aug 2022
  • Statistics for Social Research

    GRF-CCJ29 | Undergraduate

    An introduction to applied statistics for students in criminal justice fields. Learn to identify appropriate techniques and how to perform, interpret and present these analyses. Explore descriptive and inferential statistics using SPSS for Windows.

    • 28 Feb 2022
    • 29 Aug 2022
  • Social Determinants of Health

    LTU-PHE101 | Undergraduate

    Explore how access to healthcare influences how people interpret, understand and respond to health, wellbeing and illness. Examine how education, race, class, gender and culture guides people’s decision making and expectations of well-being.

    • 28 Feb 2022
    • 29 Aug 2022
  • Social Psychology

    SWI-PSY20016 | Undergraduate

    Unpack the way that individuals and groups interact within society. Examine individuals, groups and communities to develop an understanding of research methods, critical evaluation and contemporary issues in social psychology. 

    • 28 Feb 2022
    • 29 Aug 2022
  • Digital and Social Media Marketing

    GRF-MKT340 | Undergraduate

    Venture into the online marketing arena and test a variety of strategies. Track trends in contemporary e-marketing. Oversee the development of a digital marketing plan. Consider how your approach would change on B2B and B2C online marketing campaigns.

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  • Understanding the Social World

    GRF-SGY14 | Undergraduate

    Take a magnifying glass to issues like race, sexuality, class and family. Scrutinise them from three different sociological perspectives. Analyse how sociological theories can have an impact on social life. Dig into what makes society tick.

    • 14 Mar 2022
    • 07 Nov 2022