Postgraduate units in Science and engineering

Unit name Code Provider Availability
Astrobiology and the Origins of Life
AST80001 Swinburne SP1
Astrophotography & CCD Imaging
AST80002 Swinburne SP1
Cosmology and the Large-Scale Structure of the Universe
AST80003 Swinburne SP1
Exploring Stars and the Milky Way
AST80004 Swinburne SP1 SP3
Exploring the Solar System
AST80005 Swinburne SP1 SP3
Galaxies and their Place in the Universe
AST80006 Swinburne SP1 SP3
History of Astronomy
AST80008 Swinburne SP3
Major Project - Computational Astrophysics
AST80011 Swinburne SP3
Major Project - History of Astronomy
AST80012 Swinburne SP1
Major Project - Observational Astronomy
AST80013 Swinburne SP3
Planetary Science
AST80015 Swinburne SP1
Stellar Astrophysics
AST80016 Swinburne SP3
Studies in Space Exploration
AST80017 Swinburne SP1
Tools of Modern Astronomy
AST80018 Swinburne SP3
Unit name Code Provider Availability
Engineering Research Practice
EENG5004 UniSA Sess2
Energy Management for Sustainability
MEMG500 UniSA Sess2
Operations Management Systems
MEMG510 UniSA Sess1
Minor Thesis 1 (Eng)
MEMG520 UniSA Sess2
Traffic Engineering
METS5005 UniSA Sess1
Transport Modelling
METS5010 UniSA Sess2
Case Studies in Transport
METS5019 UniSA Sess1 Sess2
Road Safety Engineering
METS5021 UniSA Sess2
Transport, Land Use and Environment
METS5024 UniSA Sess2
Civil Engineering Research Project
METS5076 UniSA Sess1 Sess2
Unit name Code Provider Availability
GIS for Environmental Management and Planning
EENV303 Murdoch SP3
Energy and Greenhouse Reporting
EENV501 Murdoch SP1
Climate Change Adaptation and Strategy
EENV503 Murdoch SP3
Greenhouse Gas Reporting and Life Cycle Assessment
EENV504 Murdoch SP3
Environmental Assessment and Management
EENV557 Murdoch SP1
Environmental Monitoring
EENV558 Murdoch SP3
Renewable Energy and Sustainable Development
EENV587 Murdoch SP3
Energy Systems
EENV590 Murdoch SP3
Energy Policy
EENV591 Murdoch SP3
Energy in Society
EENV592 Murdoch SP1 SP3
Energy Economics
EENV593 Murdoch SP1 SP3
Energy Management
EENV594 Murdoch SP1 SP3
Energy Studies Project
EENV596 Murdoch SP1 SP3
Carbon Management
EENV598 Murdoch SP3
Climate Change Science and Policy
EENV599 Murdoch SP3
Greenhouse Science and Policy
EENV632 Murdoch SP1 SP3
Unit name Code Provider Availability
Science and Mathematics Teaching and Learning
SMEC611 Curtin Sess1
Science and Mathematics Education Classroom Climate
SMEC622 Curtin Sess1 Sess2
Unit name Code Provider Availability
Plant Protection
AGRO311 UNE Sess1
Crop Production
AGRO321 UNE Sess2
Integrated Weed Management
AGRO422 UNE Sess2
Animal Production Systems and Products
ANPR211 UNE Sess1
Animal Function, Health and Welfare
ANPR321 UNE Sess2
Constraints to Animal Production
ANPR415 UNE Sess1
Disease and its Control in Animals
ANPR417 UNE Sess2
Feedlot Management
ANPR440 UNE Sess2
Agronomy of Grains Production
GRNS300 UNE Sess2
Sustainable Land Management
RSNR403 UNE Sess1
Soil Science
SOIL222 UNE Sess2
Unit name Code Provider Availability
Project Management Overview
PRM500 Curtin SP3
Project and People
PRM510 Curtin SP4
Unit name Code Provider Availability
Statistical Practice 1
STA60001 Swinburne SP1 SP3
Basic Statistical Computing
STA60003 Swinburne SP1 SP3
Research Design
STA60004 Swinburne SP1 SP3
Statistical Practice 2
STA60005 Swinburne SP1 SP3
Multivariate Statistics
STA70002 Swinburne SP1 SP3
Further Statistical Computing
STA70003 Swinburne SP1 SP3
STA70004 Swinburne SP3
Survey Sampling
STA70005 Swinburne SP3
Structural Equation Modelling
STA80003 Swinburne SP3
Advanced Topics in Regression
STA80004 Swinburne SP1
Statistical Marketing Tools
STA80005 Swinburne SP3
Using R for Statistical Analysis
STA80006 Swinburne SP1
Bayesian Statistics
STA80007 Swinburne SP3
Scale Development and Evaluation
STA80008 Swinburne SP1
Statistical Consulting
STA80009 Swinburne SP1
Industrial/Research Project
STA80010 Swinburne SP3