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  • University of Southern Queensland

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  • University of Southern Queensland

    USQ-ISM-MAS | Postgraduate

    Bridge the gap between IT and business

    Find and implement IT solutions for business problems. You’ll study digital enterprise, cyber security, and systems analysis. Build your professional skills including communication and investigation. Electives include big data and blockchain, and more.

  • University of Southern Queensland

    Enable a smarter world with maps and data

    Combine data with maps to make decision-making tools. You’ll study programming, visualisation, and databases. Harness the power of GIS in careers in science, environment, business and health. Answer questions about where things are. Map the world.

  • University of Southern Queensland

    Teach children in supportive learning environments

    Add this approved early childhood teacher qualification to your bachelor degree–and become a registered teacher in just 18 months! Discover how to teach children from birth to eight years. Explore how they learn. Create supportive environments.

  • University of Southern Queensland

    Family therapy research and expertise

    Become the expert counsellor families trust during challenging times. You’ll analyse counselling frameworks in Australia. This accredited postgraduate counselling degree includes on-campus learning and clinical experience.

  • University of Southern Queensland

    Build your expertise in family counselling

    Support young people and families through change and difficult times. You’ll study major counselling theories and think about your own practice framework. Build your client management skills. Explore child abuse prevention and intervention.

  • University of Southern Queensland

    Work with families for a brighter future

    Contribute to the wellbeing of children, young adults, and families. This part-time online counselling course offers fundamental counselling theory and professional skills. Work on the essentials like case management. Grasp key legal and ethical issues.

  • University of Southern Queensland

    Create, innovate, and adapt your visual art

    Work with the forms of art you can see. You’ll build your technical skills and explore new media. Dive into historical and cultural concepts. Become a well-rounded visual artist ready for both creative work and arts administration roles.

  • University of Southern Queensland

    Advanced counselling knowledge across a range of specialisations

    Maximise your career choices and follow your interests. Specialisations include mental health, drug, family, and youth counselling. This accredited postgraduate counselling degree includes on-campus learning and clinical experience.

  • University of Southern Queensland

    Build your knowledge of a range of counselling areas

    This accredited and flexible counselling course shapes your career and opens doors to further study. You’ll study core counselling topics and choose specialisations that match your goals. Options include alcohol, drug, family, and youth counselling.

  • University of Southern Queensland

    Counselling skills to enhance your work with people

    This part-time online counselling course covers core counselling topics and key professional skills. Learn how to plan, structure, and manage a counselling session. You’ll study major theories and start thinking about your own professional practice.