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  • University of Queensland

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  • University of Queensland

    UOQ-QBL-MAS | Postgraduate

    The full suite of skills in modern quantitative biology

    Master the use of programming, statistics, and mathematics to solve complex biological problems. Build upon your background in biology or mathematics. You'll to develop your programming, statistical, and modelling skills. Includes 2 research projects.

  • University of Queensland

    Improve your understanding of hybrid medical imaging systems

    Want to upskill in radiography and medical imaging? Learn more about MR-PET machines while satisfying professional development requirements. Explore clinical protocols, safety and calibration before spending a week practising with an MRI scanner on campus.

  • University of Queensland

    UOQ-PBH-MAS | Postgraduate

    Make your mark on a specific area of public health

    Choose from six public health specialisations, including health promotion and Indigenous health. Then work on an advanced research project in that field, which could help you influence future policy. Complete an industry placement to further your experience. 

  • University of Queensland

    UOQ-PBH-GDI | Postgraduate

    Take your public health knowledge further

    Use this course to upskill for a career in the public health sector, or to pursue a Masters Degree. Learn about core public health practices, and then focus on a specialised field of study like nutrition, Indigenous health or disease prevention.

  • University of Queensland

    UOQ-PBH-GCE | Postgraduate

    Get to know the world of public health

    Want to specialise in public health? This is a perfect taster course. Explore introductory subjects around public health practices, epidemiology, biostatistics and health promotion. Then use your newfound knowledge to pursue further study in a Masters Degree.

  • University of Queensland

    UOQ-MRT-MAS | Postgraduate

    Become an in-demand imaging specialist

    Gain a comprehensive understanding of magnetic resonance technology so you can pursue more senior radiology roles. Explore emerging techniques that represent the future of imaging. Strive for publication by completing an advanced research project.

  • University of Queensland

    Gain an advanced understanding of MR imaging methods

    Take your radiology career further. Understand the physics behind modern MRI equipment. Then dive into specialist areas of your choice and discover how MRI scans should be used to examine the brain, spine, heart and other key areas of the body. 

  • University of Queensland

    Upskill in radiology and learn how to use an MRI

    This course covers the fundamentals of magnetic resonance imaging, one of radiology's most frequently used imaging techniques. Not only will you learn how MRI scanners work, but you will also get to practice on one during a hands-on week in Brisbane.

  • University of Queensland

    UOQ-MIT-MAS | Postgraduate

    Become an international leader in molecular imaging

    Learn from industry-leading experts. You’ll cover all key aspects and delve into the latest developments. Complete an in-depth molecular imaging research project. Apply your deep insights to advancements in disease diagnostics, drug discovery, and more.

  • University of Queensland

    UOQ-MED-MAS | Postgraduate

    Learn how to diagnose and manage skin cancer cases

    Become a skin cancer specialist in your clinical practice or in a research and policy role. This Masters by Coursework will empower you to differentiate between skin lesions, interpret pathology results and make appropriate treatment choices.