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Course results for University of Queensland Postgraduate Degrees

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  • University of Queensland

    Improve the quality of our human environment

    Are you looking to step into a management role within the environment sector? Start with this certificate, spanning four subjects that will equip you to lead in all facets of the environment industry. 

  • University of Queensland

    Understand the link between health and the environment

    Are you a health professional looking to respond to the rise in health challenges connected to our environments? Start with this certificate, spanning four subjects that will equip you to understand the relationship between complex risk factors. 

  • University of Queensland

    Practise as a clinical pharmacy practitioner

    Over four subjects you will gain the skills to take a tailored approach to reviewing and monitoring your patients’ medications. Learn approaches in communication for that will empower you to describe issues relating to medicine use. 

  • University of Queensland

    Be at the forefront of healthcare’s digital transformation

    Join a fast-growing field in need of data professionals with the skills to improve digital systems for patients and clinicians. Study interdisciplinary subjects that incorporate business, economics, ICT and data. Revolutionise health organisations. 

  • University of Queensland

    UOQ-BIT-GCE | Postgraduate

    Upskill in key biotechnology research areas

    Take your science career further with this introductory postgraduate course, which will prepare you for a Masters Degree. Learn about the biotechnology industry from scientists who pioneered current practices. Then study electives in your area of interest.

  • University of Queensland

    Learn how data can help you make smarter business decisions

    Take your business career in a new direction by embracing the power of analytics. Explore how you can use data insights tools, social platforms and artificial intelligence to gather valuable insights. Use this knowledge to enrol in further specialised study.

  • University of Queensland

    UOQ-AGR-GCE | Postgraduate

    Start your journey into agricultural management

    Consider this course your introduction to the world of agribusiness. You will upskill in eight business, finance and agriculture subjects of your choice, which will prepare you for further study in the Master of Agribusiness.