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  • Master of Public Sector Management

    FLI-PSM-MAS | Postgraduate

    Serve the public with your leadership skills

    Learn the art of management in government departments. Familiarise yourself with the public policy-making process and the challenges public administrators face. Plus, you can put theory into practice by completing a valuable industry internship.

  • Master of Public Policy

    FLI-MPP-MAS | Postgraduate

    Learn how to influence change

    Delve into the intricacies of public policy. Get to know the principles of good governance. Test your knowledge with a research project or internship. Go on to make vital public policy decisions within government departments.

  • Master of Professional Accounting

    ECU-MPA-MAS | Postgraduate

    Jump start your career in finance

    Immerse yourself in the study of accounting. Learn standard practices, including taxation and auditing techniques, and the principles of business law. Graduates will have the knowledge needed for accreditation with professional accounting bodies.

  • Be in demand with your advanced IT skills

    Develop the technical skills needed to help large organisations operate smoothly. Nail the essentials such as programming and cyber security. Then discover how to manage enterprise systems, problem solve issues and make the best strategic decisions.

  • Rise to the top in the marketing industry

    Take your marketing skills to the next level with a career in management. Learn how to identify valuable business opportunities. Implement and coordinate successful marketing plans. Become an innovative leader with a customer-first mindset.

  • Become a leader in the hospitality industry

    Discover what it takes to become a successful manager in the international hospitality sector. Hone your strategic planning, marketing and leadership skills. Complete a prestigious paid internship and gain valuable industry connections.

  • Master of Human Resource Management

    ECU-HRM-MAS | Postgraduate

    Contribute to organisational success with your expertise in people management

    Hone your critical thinking and problem-solving skills to make confident HR decisions. Take charge of your organisation’s valuable assets—select, develop and lead employees by calling on your global body of HR knowledge and skills.

  • Master of Finance and Banking

    ECU-FBN-MAS | Postgraduate

    Unlock worldwide opportunities in the financial services sector

    Hone your critical thinking and problem-solving skills to make confident financial decisions. Complete core units in business finance, economics, risk, credit, and investments. Select electives such as management, marketing, and entrepreneurship.

  • Master of Marketing

    CUR-MAR-MAS | Postgraduate

    Advance your knowledge in marketing with strategic skills

    Build on your existing marketing knowledge with skills in managing risk associated with business decisions. Learn to communicate complex digital marketing information. Apply research and generate insights for digital content.