To abandon tradition, and follow the road

Laura couldn’t choose between study and travel – so she thought, why not have both?

We’ve only got so much time on this earth, so it can be hard to stomach the 9 to 5 life, and the daily commute that goes hand in hand. While work itself can be enjoyable and meaningful, the commitment of a traditional work week leaves us with very little time and energy. When do we get to live life on our terms?

But there are people out there who reject tradition, and opt for a life that not only earns them a living, but allows them the freedom to knock more off their bucket list than the average person. Laura is one such individual, who puts her love for travelling first, and takes jobs as they come, both online and offline. Her current home is in Tonga, where she works in the management team for Fafa Island Resort. She also manages the projects of an Australian blogger, helping to proofread, troubleshoot and review designs.

arts internet communication student laura maya frot studying on porch
Laura - Studied Arts with Curtin University, through Open Universities Australia.

After living off odd jobs for nearly a decade, Laura decided she wanted a more concrete career path. Further study was her plan of attack, and to cater to her travel bug, she enrolled online through OUA to continue living abroad. In 2014, Laura completed Curtin University’s Bachelor of Arts (Internet Communications). Her degree has strengthened her capability as a professional in the digital space. “More and more companies are developing online businesses now” Laura says. “So working in a virtual team is probably going to become the new norm”.

More and more companies are developing online businesses now” Laura says. “So working in a virtual team is probably going to become the new norm”.

Laura loves her life, where everyday is different. One of her ambitions is to coach other women, who want to work remote jobs while on the road, just as she does. You only live once, and Laura is determined to make it count. Reach out to her at her website.

arts internet communication student laura maya frot

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