Musicians – start your networking!

Social networking for musicians? That wasn't a thing, until Josh made it one. His app Vampr is now teaming up music professionals worldwide.

When it comes to the world of work, it’s often about who you know, not just what you do. With a background in music, a passion for technology, and an eye for business – Josh set out to connect people in the music industry through a new and exciting social network called Vampr.

No longer do ‘musos’ need to fight for their 15 minutes in front of a music producer – in this digital age, sites like YouTube, Instagram and Facebook make it easy to showcase talent. Visibity is key, but Josh has taken it one step further, offering a way for individuals to team-up with the right people, and build success from the ground up.

business student josh simons
Josh - Studying Business with Swinburne University, through Open Universities Australia.

Josh began making his way in the music world as the lead vocalist and guitarist of the band Buchanan. As their success grew, the band caught the eye of Barry (Baz) Palmer, from the well-known Australian band Hunters and Collectors. Barry and Josh collaborated musically at first, until years later, when Josh came to Barry with the idea for Vampr. The two business partners spent 12 months developing the social network, and from there, the app rose to success. Vampr is rated on the App Store as one of 2017’s top community apps worldwide, and promoted by big-name organisations, like The Huffington Post.

business student josh simons outdoors

Helping Josh’s company rise to success, is his Swinburne University Bachelor of Business, which he’s completing online through OUA. This setup allows him to do what he loves in the city of LA, where it makes most sense to base his business, while getting the education he needs to thrive. “It’s like I keep adding to my arsenal of tools,” smiles Josh “Maybe I’m just a hoarder of moments and experiences”.

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