Helping Aussie filmmakers navigate the law

With the help of people like Lisa, the Australian film industry lives on, and the voices of our home-grown storytellers continue to be heard.

As the Investment Manager at Screen Australia (feature film and television drama), Lisa helps independent projects make it to the screen. She assesses their suitability for funding, guides them through the contracts stage, and works alongside them into completion. The way society consumes entertainment is shifting rapidly, so Lisa is always kept on her toes, and enjoys the challenge of a changing landscape.

juris doctor student lisa duff at work
Lisa - Graduated with a Juris Doctor with RMIT, through Open Universities Australia.

“The Juris Doctor has helped me in my career by giving me a competitive edge, when it comes to a competitive industry”

When Lisa was working as a producer on independent films, she found herself struggling with the finance aspect of the job. She felt that some further education would help her to fill those skills gaps. While browsing the Open Universities Australia website, Lisa found the Juris Doctor – a postgraduate law degree – that fit with her goals. “The Juris Doctor has helped me in my career by giving me a competitive edge, when it comes to a competitive industry” says Lisa.

juris doctor student lisa duff meeting

Having completed the degree in 2014, Lisa has been able to secure the role she loves at Screen Australia, and is soon to be admitted to the Supreme Court NSW, where she intends to undertake pro-bono legal work alongside her work in film. What’s exciting about Lisa’s degree is that it can take her anywhere – every industry must abide by the law, so her opportunities are truly boundless.

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