An MBA that’s as unique as you are, thanks to ACU

Australian Catholic University offers an MBA that allows you to specialise in the areas of business you're most interested in. Better yet, it's available through Open Universities Australia. Here's how it works. 

Dr Wendy James, National Deputy Head of the Peter Faber Business School at ACU

If you think studying an MBA means jumping through a set of hoops that will one day deem you worthy of a role in senior management, think again. Many MBAs now work with students to allow them to graduate with a degree that truly supports them as professionals.

Just take the MBA offered by Australian Catholic University (ACU) for example. It’s the only MBA in Australia in which students can specialise in specific business areas they want to work in.

Sound too good to be true? We sat down with National Head of the Peter Faber Business School at ACU Professor Susan Dann AM, and National Deputy Head Dr Wendy James, to find out what’s different about their course. 

Make it your own 

When describing what an MBA is, Susan says it’s a “qualification which gives students an overall appreciation of management.”

But, as she explains, ACU’s MBA “allows you to specialise in an industry or profession of your choice.” That’s the real difference.

Choose to take the next step in your career with an MBA from ACU through Open Universities Australia, and you’ll cover so much more than governance and leadership. You’ll have the opportunity to study electives that align with your personal career goals and industry. 

Better yet, you can choose to take up electives from ACU, or another university—depending on which subjects you feel are your best fit. 

According to Susan, it’s a “design your own MBA” kind of situation. Not a bad prospect, considering businesses are often on the look-out for what sets potential employees apart.

Form relationships with industry practitioners

Wouldn’t it be incredible if you could learn business secrets from the very people who have closed big deals, lead organisational change, and reached the top of the corporate ladder?  

With ACU, you can. Their MBA includes what they call “industry practitioners," Professor Susan Dann explains.

“Having the industry practitioners gives you that real world aspect. They can give actual examples of how they have used theories and models in practice to enhance their own success 
within the industry,” she says.  

Exit, hit pause, or come back later 

Some people find that the most daunting aspect of study is the fact that they feel “locked in” - signed up for years, no matter how their life circumstances change.   

The beauty of studying through Open Universities Australia, however, is that you can pause or exit study whenever it suits you. And it’s nothing to be ashamed of.   

“You can have an exit point maybe halfway, or after one semester you can have a Graduate Certificate, or after one year you can have a Graduate Diploma.”  

Some students even choose to come back to complete their degree once life has settled down.   

“It makes it easy for you to be able to exit at a certain point and come back to it later if you want.”   

With tailored subjects, industry experts and “no strings attached” freedom, the MBA from ACU is a degree worth considering for any business professional with their eyes set on success.  

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