How to become an IT support & test engineer

Follow procedures and strategies to support, manage and test technical quality systems.

What does an IT support & test engineer do?

Duties and tasks

  • Analyse and detect problems with installation, maintenance, configurations and hardware issues, as well as problems accessing internet, email and security systems.
  • Assist users and clients with user guides, technical assistance and awareness of correct standards and procedures on systems for optimal performance and security.
  • Develop user manuals and technical procedures and guides as well as technical reports of analyses and maintenance inventory.
  • Identify causes of system malfunctions by troubleshooting and testing components of systems.
  • Plan and audit systems, data and record-keeping for quality assurance and issue action plans to improve and correct processes.
  • Provide testing procedures and programming codes to determine functional errors and defects in the system and ensure that systems perform at optimal levels.
  • Review and asses architectural organisation of systems and develop improved strategies for hardware and software development.

Industry bodies

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