Library technician

Set up and assist Librarians with proper organisation and database management of library materials.

Duties and tasks

  • Implement library database and classification systems as well as research applications and train staff on proper usage
  • Input and edit data in computer database systems
  • Manage operational functions of library systems and services
  • Organise and sequence printed and electronic library materials
  • Perform research tasks and authenticate bibliographic data
  • Process audio-visual materials and equipment, convert files and facilitate proper functioning
  • Support Librarians with any additional tasks to uphold the overall quality and functioning of the library

Skills required

  • Analytical skills
  • Excellent organisational skills
  • Technical knowledge of databases and classification schemes
  • Time management

Working conditions

Library Technicians typically work in indoor library environments Mondays to Fridays, based on library hours of operation. They may have to work occasional weekends when the library is open or when maintenance or updates are required on the library network.

Professional associations

Australian Library and Information Association

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  • Bibliographer
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