How to become a library technician

Set up and assist Librarians with proper organisation and database management of library materials.

What does a library technician do?

Duties and tasks

  • Implement library database and classification systems as well as research applications and train staff on proper usage.
  • Input and edit data in computer database systems.
  • Manage operational functions of library systems and services.
  • Organise and sequence printed and electronic library materials.
  • Perform research tasks and authenticate bibliographic data.
  • Process audio-visual materials and equipment, convert files and facilitate proper functioning.
  • Support librarians with any additional tasks to uphold the overall quality and functioning of the library.

Industry bodies

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  • Audiovisual librarian
  • Bibliographer
  • Cataloguer
  • Childrens librarian
  • Corporate librarian
  • Information manager
  • Legal librarian
  • Librarian
  • Parliamentary librarian
  • Reference librarian
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